Did you know? Firewatch


Firewatch has been out for some time now, and it’s pretty well received as the videogame equivalent of a page-turner. It’s a short game, with a big story and all of the characters have been written with such conviction and authenticity. That’s not to mention just how pretty the game’s setting and how powerful the artwork behind that is.

But did you know that development for Firewatch began with a single painting by an English artist called Olly Moss?
firewatch original art

Here’s the ‘painting’ in question.

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My Deadeye Drama


What’s singlehandedly the best thing about Final Fantasy? The lore? The characters? The storylines?

Absolutely not, it’s the Chocobo!

These 8-foot chickens are almost as lovable as real-life puppies, so I was pretty upset when I finally got Final Fantasy XV that I couldn’t just jump straight on the back of one and ride off into the sunset.

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Unexplainable Cravings: BF1


Last week I mentioned about my unexplainable cravings for games that distract me from getting through my backlog. In that post, I spoke about the desire I have to get back into Battlefield 1 and Rainbow Six: Siege. As of late, I’ve been very much a single-player gamer; enjoying titles like Horizon Zero Dawn, dabbing my fat toes into the pool that is Uncharted, Firewatch, Dying Light, over the past few months without much of an online noob-culling to whisper about.

But I kind of miss it.

The glory of competitive gaming and dragging your team over the finish line. The mouthwatering prospect of striking up vendettas against opposing players, creating nemesis’s left, right and centre, is pushing me towards slapping an online game in the tray of my console and downloading a much-needed colossal update…

Screen Shot 2017-07-17 at 18.15.48.png

My sniping phase has really dragged down my stats. I need to boost these back up!

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Let me stalk… I mean, follow you!


I love reading everything you guys post on my WordPress Reader, but I need more! You guys are like heroin to me and I need my fix more often than I’m currently getting!

I set up an account on Twitter when I made this blog just to help promote my posts but it’s quickly evolved into something more. If you guys use the social media platform, whether that’s in a blogging capacity or just general use I’d love to follow you, if I don’t already.

It sounds weird, there’s no doubt about that, but if you want to connect through Twitter – hit me up!

If you already follow me and for whatever reason I havent followed you back, drop me a DM and give me a slap!


If you already follow me on Twitter, you’re probably aware that I used to have the @PixelDumpBlog handle up until a few weeks ago. I took the decision to merge the two Twitter accounts I have. I’m pretty simple-minded, so managing two accounts was kinda tough!

Kudos to you if you successfully manage to juggle two or more though, bravo!

Unexplainable Cravings


Do you ever get a craving for a certain game? A game that you’ve already played, where there’s little else left to do on it but you just want to sit there playing it for hours?

I do.

I have it now… it’s killing my productivity and all the momentum I had in the games I’m currently trying to work through. That’s not to mention the backlog that’s forever growing. It feels like I cut one head off, then two more sprout up in its place.

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Uncharted is overrated, and what? Pt. 6



This whole mini-series has been dragging on for some time now. I’ve had a short break from it all whilst i’ve been on holiday, but I’m back with a vengeance and a steely determination!

I’ve finished Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection; the first three games of the series in their remastered format for PS4.

Honestly, I’d be lying if I said I didn’t enjoy the ride I’ve been on over the past few weeks but has my opinion changed? Are the games still overrated? Well, I think I’ve played enough to form an opinion without the need for Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End and my answer is yes, they’re still massively overrated.

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