My Deadeye Drama


What’s singlehandedly the best thing about Final Fantasy? The lore? The characters? The storylines?

Absolutely not, it’s the Chocobo!

These 8-foot chickens are almost as lovable as real-life puppies, so I was pretty upset when I finally got Final Fantasy XV that I couldn’t just jump straight on the back of one and ride off into the sunset.

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Remastered games: Cash and Grab?


There are some games that are just too amazing to be forgotten. Whether it be the story, the characters, the gameplay, or everything combined; gaming publishers and their fans know when a game has made its mark. But alas, even the best games only enjoy a certain amount of fame and time in the immediate spotlight. Eventually, every good thing must come to an end.


Kratos from God Of War. Look at those pearly whites!

So when nostalgia is not enough and it no longer satisfies a fan base, what is there left to do? Well, remaster the game, of course.

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Stand back, I’m about to jump!



Towers. I’m so goddamn tired of climbing towers. I’m just as likely to throw myself off of a tower in real life than to enjoy climbing one in a game.

It’s such a boring, lazy gaming mechanic that brings absolutely nothing to a game other than tediously restricting stretches of gameplay.

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Gameception – My favourite minigames


It’s not uncommon to see games within games. Mini games, as they have become known are an extremely popular way for developers to flesh out their games and give them more life and playability. In reality, they only serve to elude the player into believing the game is full of content and depth, whilst distracting them from what they’re meant to be doing. More often than not, there are a number of mini games within a game. Rockstar Games love adding additional activities to their games, such as BMX races in Bully, Rampages in GTA and Five Finger Fillet on Red Dead: Redemption. They’re not the king of mini games and side-activities though. They may add a lot of content to their games, but they have yet to beat the record set by a certain Final Fantasy game. Released way back in 1997, Final Fantasy VII boasted over 30 mini games. The highly anticipated re-release however, will not feature all of the mini games in the episodic offerings. Unfortunately, Square-Enix have said that cuts will have to be made, and I think we’d all rather some of the mini games were axed over something much more meaningful. I’ve previously been rather hesitant over remasters (I had a rant not too long ago, actually), but I can fully get onboard this hype train.  However, it remains to be seen exactly what will be included, and what will be left on the cutting room floor. Chocobo Racing was one of many memorable mini games included in Final Fantasy VII, so lets hope it makes the grade.

Occasionally, you fall upon an absolute gem of a mini game. Here are some of my all-time favourites…

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RPG Commitment Crisis!


Role Playing Games (RPGs) take up a lot of time, this isn’t something new. Single-player games such as the likes of The Witcher, Elder Scrolls, Dragon Age, Diablo, Mass Effect, Final Fantasy, Fallout and even the Pokemon series’ can keep you going for days, if not weeks. I’m not talking about MMORPGs here, that’ll keep me rambling for an eternity! I’m just chatting about solo games for now.

In the wake of Final Fantasy XV’s release, I thought I’d have a think about the other RPG-type games that I’ve played over the years. Played, and played a lot, but rarely finished. Sadly, a fate that may well be shared with FF15, here.

I know it deserves more respect than that, but hear me out!

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