Welcome to PIXELDUMP!

Here, you’ll find the mindless ramblings of an avid video gamer.

I’m not 100% sure where this blog originated from or even what has possessed my unfocusable mind to write it. I woke up one morning after a night of ale-drinking (I say that because it sounds much more viking-esque; as if I‘m dancing on tables, tankard in hand). I opened my laptop lid, wiped the greasy pizza marks off of the screen and was greeted by this WordPress site. Although the first few pages were riddled with grammatical errors and ugly typos, the thought and intent was obviously there.

To that, my drunken alter-ego; I doff my hat to you.

Any-who… read, browse, comment, like, laugh or even insult to your heart’s content. I’ll try to post new material on here whenever I get chance. Probably when I’m sat in a pre-game lobby, or whilst I’m installing update after tedious update. Yeah, probably the latter.