Let me stalk… I mean, follow you!


I love reading everything you guys post on my WordPress Reader, but I need more! You guys are like heroin to me and I need my fix more often than I’m currently getting!

I set up an account on Twitter when I made this blog just to help promote my posts but it’s quickly evolved into something more. If you guys use the social media platform, whether that’s in a blogging capacity or just general use I’d love to follow you, if I don’t already.

It sounds weird, there’s no doubt about that, but if you want to connect through Twitter – hit me up!

If you already follow me and for whatever reason I havent followed you back, drop me a DM and give me a slap!


If you already follow me on Twitter, you’re probably aware that I used to have the @PixelDumpBlog handle up until a few weeks ago. I took the decision to merge the two Twitter accounts I have. I’m pretty simple-minded, so managing two accounts was kinda tough!

Kudos to you if you successfully manage to juggle two or more though, bravo!

What video game character grinds your gears the most?


A few days ago, I answered Robert Ian Shepard’s question during his ‘Charming & Open’ event. If you’re unfamiliar with the concept, I’d suggest checking out Ian’s page for all the details. Basically, it’s a way of generating content for your blog, whilst also promoting community engagement. A whole army of bloggers have bombarded Ian with questions and in return he dishes out some of his own in a rather bizarre you scratch my back, i’ll scratch your back kind of way.

Previously, Ian asked me the following:

If you could develop your own game, what kind of game would you make?

You can check out my answer here. After updating Ian that I’d finished my post, I felt a sudden hunger for more. So, I simply asked.

Screen Shot 2017-04-28 at 14.53.23

This leads me to my second question and thankfully it’s a hell of a lot easier that the first!

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If you could develop your own game, what kind of game would you make?


I’ve been blogging now for around 6 or 7 months, and it’s been an absolute blast. One of the biggest things that’s surprised me in that short time is the WordPress community. The guys and girls on there are great and have really helped push me to where I want to be.

Any-who, as WordPress has evolved, at least in my case, into a community of fantastic and like-minded folk, ‘community events’ have become a frequent thing. These are types of posts that promote blogger engagement and help people to get their name spread around. Robert Ian Shepard of Adventure Rules has set up the latest one I’ve stumbled upon, and it’s a doozey! It’s called the ‘Charming & Open’ event, and I’d highly recommend you check Ian’s page out, pronto!

In Layman’s terms, I ask a question, Ian asks a question in return. Here’s how the conversation panned out…

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Sunshine Blogger Award


“Pixel Dump is another great stop for thoughts on the state of gaming, and I’m looking forward to watching more achievements be unlocked during the weekend run-throughs!” – Athena | AmbiGaming


A few months ago, when I first started writing a blog, I never envisioned – nor set out to achieve – any recognition at all. I just thought that it was about time I put my thoughts into words and hopefully spread some cheer along the way.

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