Did you know? Firewatch


Firewatch has been out for some time now, and it’s pretty well received as the videogame equivalent of a page-turner. It’s a short game, with a big story and all of the characters have been written with such conviction and authenticity. That’s not to mention just how pretty the game’s setting and how powerful the artwork behind that is.

But did you know that development for Firewatch began with a single painting by an English artist called Olly Moss?
firewatch original art

Here’s the ‘painting’ in question.

Jane Ng (no, I don’t know how that surname is pronounced either), lead environmental artist at Campo Santo, was then tasked with translating Moss’ work into 3D environments while maintaining his stylised artistic vision and I think that it’s safe to say, the team did a pretty fine job of it all.

Moss’s involvement didn’t start and end with that painting, he was heavily involved and as one of the founders of the company behind the game, Campo Santo, rightly so. Moss worked closely on the design and was art director for Firewatch. He was largely responsible for the game’s colour and lighting scheme and handled all of the environment design language. Not only that, but he also created the various logos and designs for the props found within the wildernesses of Firewatch. He also ensured that the game remained true to his iconic vision and a translation of that 2-dimensional style into a 3-dimensional environment met what he envisioned.

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Did you also know that the likelihood is that you’ve seen bits of 30-year old Olly Moss’s work before, especially if you’re a Sci-Fi fan?

Moss is a graphic artist, best known for his reimagining of movie posters. His work is regularly featured in Empire magazine, which is kinda a big deal. He generated much fame from his rehashed Star Wars trilogy posters, but you can see why they gathered such recognition – they look so freakin’ awesome. So awesome in fact, that I’m sure I heard that they are now officially recognised by Disney. I hope that’s true, because they deserve to be.

And finally, since its release, Firewatch has been nominated for dozens of awards but did you know that it is getting a film adaptation?

If I’m being honest, I’m a little sceptical. Capturing the artistic vision that the game displays could prove difficult on the big screen. Although, if the film has only half of the emotion that the game possesses, then this could be the film to end the stigma: that all videogame movies are trash.

I’ve been pondering over writing a review of Firewatch for some time now, but for whatever reason I just can’t find the motivation to do so; which is a shame because it’s such a memorable experience.


3 thoughts on “Did you know? Firewatch

  1. I did not know those things! That’s really nice that the whole art style was based on a real-life painting. And I’d certainly be interested to see where they take this game as a movie. It might be a nice deviation from the full-of-explosions-and-combat fare we’ve been seeing recently.

    Also, I know someone with that last name, and she pronounces it “ing” 🙂

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  2. Holy lord those posters are chill inducing. I’ve had Firewatch on my backlog fir a while. I’ll need to bump it up.

    I share your skepticism. The best game to (other) visual media adaptation is Castlevania, and I think series is the best way to do something like that. Game stories lend themselves to the episodic, and their failings in movies seem due to trying to throw too much in to a too brief amount of time.


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