Here’s Sammy!


I’m back!

Back from my holidays, back to gloomy ol’ England, back to reality, back to work, back to gaming.

Before I ‘booked it, packed it and f*cked off’ there was a fair amount left unsaid (if you don’t get that reference from a true national treasure, you’re seriously missing out in life). So here’s a not-so-brief update.

As I’m sure you are aware, I’ve been slagging the Uncharted series off just lately as an overrated piece of garbage. I’ve been playing through them all in order, one to four, and posting my thoughts and whether or not I’m being swayed towards the mainstream opinion of them being fantastic… or cementing my opinion that they’re overrated.

I’d actually written a post out a few weeks ago about my playthrough of the third game in the series, but I forgot to publish it! I’ve actually finished the whole Nathan Drake Collection now but at the time I was around 50% of the way through Uncharted 3: Drakes Deception. Upon reading the draft post, there are actually a few things in there that I’d probably change now that I’ve finished the game.

For the sake of my mini-series though, I think I’ll keep it as it is. That way you might be able to see some kind of change or contrasting opinions.

Otherwise, I’ve got some more posts lined up. I’ve got plenty to write about so you’ll have to make sure you keep checking out my site to ensure you catch my publications.

Also, after returning to familiar shores, I’ve noticed a plethora of notifications on my WordPress site. There are a few follows in there, and plenty of comments so I’ll be working through them once I’ve got ten-minutes to spare…!

Right, all that aside, let’s talk more about games. Specifically what I’ve been playing lately.

Of course, I’ve been away from my beloved consoles for a while (around 1,163 miles away from them to be more precise) but that hasn’t stopped me from squaring off my eyes on a screen. My PS Vita is a loving companion that follows me everywhere, and whilst I’ve been away I’ve played a number of titles on it. Mostly, the God Of War Collection, Gravity Rush, the Ratchet and Clank Trilogy and Borderlands 2 have taken up most of my play-time. Nothing in terms of indie, or less mainstream but each undeniably brilliant… and fun!

I actually spent a surprising amount of time on my plucky little console, I played it on the balcony, I played it in bed, I played it on the crapper, I played it on the plane… Due to all of this new-found focus, after the second time of asking, I finally finished Gravity Rush. It’s a great game, but the final 30 minutes or so found me wanting for more and I felt a little let down. Oh well, it just gives me justification to pick up it’s sequel on PS4.


I’m playing though the two God Of War games on the hardest difficulty, and although it came close, the anguish and heart ache didn’t ruin my holiday. Although, after finally receiving the message asking to drop the difficulty, I’m tempted to accept defeat. I’m at the point where you have to kill loads of Cerberus (Cerberuses? Cerberi?) during the challenge of Poseidon, you know? The three-headed dogs? Well, it’s pretty darn tough, and I’ve had to take a break whilst I compose myself. I just can’t bring myself to drop the difficulty, not yet!


After returning to the cold, wet and dingy island I call home, I actually had a few days before returning to work. In this time, I finished off the Nathan Drake Collection as I mentioned, but I also finished another game.

Firewatch… Oh my sweet baby Jesus… *drools*…

It’s almost perfect, isn’t it? A short, yet sweet bundle of joy. I’ll have to write a review for it, not quite a 10-hour thoughts, as it only took around 4 hours but I’ve got to do something!

Now, in between writing and work, I’m playing Final Fantasy XV. It’s been waiting patiently for me on my shelf for so long that I couldn’t ignore it for any longer. I’m not sure if I fancy something this expansive right now, but I’ve got to play it at some point and whilst I’m taking a short break from Uncharted so that I don’t burn out, now seems like as good a time as any.

So, have I missed much whilst I’ve been gone?


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