I’m looking for A Way Out of this single-player monotony


I love cooperative games. Playing with a buddy and working together to overcome scenarios makes me feel all fuzzy inside. Personally, I’ll always prefer split-screening locally as opposed to playing online. I just think there’s something to relish when you’re sat right next to your mate, sibling or some random bum you’ve pulled off the street.

Communication is always at it’s best (if you can call it that). It’s instant for starters meaning that those synchronised shot countdowns are actually accurate and aren’t hindered by network connection and lag. Also, you can physically harm your adjacent companion if he/she fucks up… I mean, if you want to.

Screen Shot 2017-06-12 at 13.04.32

You had to play Army Of Two cooperatively, namely because the AI was so useless.

So when EA announced their co-op only title A Way Out, my interest was instantly peaked. For so long, developers have been ignoring the need gamers have for cooperative games; it’s so often been the case that co-op game modes have been inserted purely on a whim and without conviction. Which often explains why just recently, they’re usually so poor in terms of quality. I’m talking: Far Cry 4, Dark Souls III, Dead Space 3, Dying Light, you know? More of an afterthought that might boost sales than actual enjoyable experiences. No like this somewhat underrated announcement though, this is a fully fledged cooperative experience; so much so that it’s the only way you’re permitted to play it.

Any way, check out the E3 reveal of A Way Out in the embedded video below.

I was already sold at “From the makers of Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons”.

In Layman’s terms, A Way Out is a story driven co-op only game about two prisoners in the early 1970’s attempting to escape from prison together. The game is only playable through split screen; it is playable online but both players will still see the other player’s screen, yeah they are really serious about this ‘split-screen only’ title. There are loads of differing scenarios that can each be tackled in diverging methods. Depending on what you chose to do, there can be multiple outcomes for each scenario.

Looks and sounds pretty good, right? It’s certainly well up my street. I just need to find someone competent to play it with now, otherwise I could end up going to prison myself for grievous bodily harm.

A Way Out escapes to stores next year in 2018 and will be available on Xbox One, PS4 and PC.


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