You can still play Silent Hills P.T.


A while back when I made my impulse purchase of a Playstation 4; for some reason unbeknownst to me, I had it in my head that I could still place my sweaty hands on the Silent Hills P.T. (playable teaser).

Obviously, I thought wrong. Oh so very wrong.

When Konami had their way with poor ol’ Hideo Kojima and cancelled possibly the most exciting looking game of our time, they pulled the demo off the PSN store too.



After weeks of grieving, I decided to do some research. Surely there must be a way of getting hold of it, there has to be! Well, there kind of is. It’s awkward, and only allows you to “re-download” the game. So basically, you had to have downloaded/purchased the P.T. at the time it was released to be able to “re-download” it. Which is of absolutely no use to me in any way, shape or form as all  managed to do was cream over gamplay and reaction videos on the interweb!

I’d have to do some dodgy dealings with someone else’s account and, if I’m being frank, I cannot be arsed with the hassle. Like I mentioned, I’ve watched plenty of videos on YouTube and know what it’s like, what happens and what to do but I really wanted to experience it on my own with the lights turned down low. Not completely off, because that’s a crazy idea, but turned down a little so I can still see Lisa staring at me through the gap in the doorway from my landing.

This is the best video you’ll find for gameplay, so I recommend you watch this to see what all the fuss was about:

So where am I going with all of this?

Silent Hills isn’t going to happen. Like I’ve mentioned, I’ve already grieved and come to terms with this. The playable teaser for Silent Hills is not going to happen either, at least not for me. Again, something I’ve kind of come to terms with but I haven’t completely given up hope on. What I really want to tell you all about is a little project called PuniTy.

PuniTy is an open source project created by a man who goes by the alias Jedlondo, real name Farhan Qureshi. Inspired by the P.T. hallway, Qureshi took to studying its every detail. Through the help of the Unity Engine, the developer was able to recreate the textures, lighting, camera filters and sounds of that dark and gloomy hallway. Farhan Qureshi’s goal was not to alter the original demo’s story, but rather to ease the deception felt by gamers impatiently waiting for the game’s release.


Lisa looks ravishing in PuniTy

“I started this project for a 3D modelling workshop I’m planning to teach in September. The workshop will focus on teaching the fundamentals of modelling, texturing, animation, and materials, and applying these skills by creating a 3D scene. Originally I wanted to create an apartment scene for its simplicity, variety, and familiarity, but I wanted something more game-focused as the workshop is being targeted at the Calgary Game Developers. I ended up choosing the P.T. hallway as it’s an interior scene fairly close to an apartment, and the simplicity, variety, and familiarity still exist. Plus it’s no longer available to download, but I can make it live on in some fashion by doing this.”

Farhan also added that “At first I just wanted to make the P.T. hallway, then started adding sounds and…other things out of obsession. In total I’ve spent about 104 hours over 4 weeks making this, and I’m happy / burnt out enough to stop here. I modelled, textured, animated, and scripted everything. I’ve been using both Unity and Blender for 3 years now as part of my aspiration of becoming a game developer, so it’s turned me into a jack-of-all-trades of sorts.”

This is some achievement. It’s a fan-made project that has managed to capture the very essence of a cancelled game that so many were looking forward to. The sheer dedication this has taken is unfathomable, how intricate Farhan has been with every minute detail is breathtaking.

Here’s a quick YouTube clip to showcase the project:

PuniTy has been made available to the world completely free of charge. You can download it for Windows, MacOS and Linux here.

I’d also highly recommend visiting Farhan’s personal blog and reading up on what it actually took to get to where it is. On his blog, Farhan talks about everything from modelling to texturing and from animating cockroaches to creating Lisa.

Although it’s a crying shame that Silent Hills was cancelled by Konami, and worse still that Hideo Kojima was given the boot over a disagreement, but at least here the game can live on. It’s far from perfect, but it’s still a fantastic accomplishment and is certainly worth checking out.


3 thoughts on “You can still play Silent Hills P.T.

  1. To be fair, the scariest thing to come out of the whole Konami-Kojima ordeals was what the game co-director and writer Guillermo del Toro said. He publicly criticised the cancellation as not making any sense, and questioned what he described as a “scorched earth” approach to removing the trailer. Due to the experience, del Toro stated that he would never work on another video game. Thankfully, he didn’t actually mean it. We can all say hurtful things when we’re upset, and this was just another one of those times. He’s currently working with Kojima again on Death Stranding… which looks freaking awesome!


  2. Imtiaz Ahmed

    It was so sad when this was canned. I thought it would’ve been killer, and I’m not even into scary games. Playing this with other people was tough to, people who were watching would start looking away in anticipation of the big scare.

    I’m sure they’ll make up for it with Death Stranding in some way. Something like it will come to us in some shape or form.

    Liked by 1 person

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