Weekend Run-Through Ep. 20


Episode 20 – Fin.


You’ve all made it through another arduous week!

You know those god-awful reality TV shows that always finish and then have some weird final episode where they recap and run through some of the ‘best’ bits? You can usually find trash like this on MTV or something. Well, I’ve had a long think about this whole ‘Weekend Run-Through‘ piece that I’ve been doing, and I think that it’s now time to lay it to rest.

This post would have been my 20th in total, a nice round number to end on wouldn’t you agree?

20th Birthday

It’s been a great concept and I’ve had so much fun writing each and every post. It started out early in January as a means of regularly writing up content but in reality, I’ve got loads to talk about as it is without added workload.

There are several other reasons for packing this in:

  1. It’s actually incredibly time-consuming
  2. I find that I end up repeating myself a lot, especially when I’m immersed in a rather long game. Take Dying Light for example; I found myself apologising for talking about the same game for like four weeks.
  3. I’m not all that convinced that it’s enjoyable to read. Like I said, I end up chatting a load of garbage about games that in most cases are a few years old!
  4. It’s nearing Summer, and I’ll probably step back from gaming slightly to enjoy what little sun we actually get in the UK.
  5. I’m going abroad in a few weeks time, so there’s at least two episodes I’ll miss out on.
  6. More often than not, the majority of my gaming is done over the course of the week when I get in from work, whereas I’m usually busy in the day on Saturday and always on a Sunday.
  7. I’m just not that committed!

That’s the biggie, that last one. I’m probably just looking for a way out if I’m being honest. I’ve enjoyed writing them, but I feel now that it’s better to do monthly updates or something that aren’t restricted by timescales! It’ll give me more time to game, and more time to write other posts.

Anyway, in my head it makes sense so you’ll have to wait and see!

Don’t worry, I’m not going anywhere. Just think of it as less quantity, more quality!

If you do actually read these and enjoy them, I can only apologies. All I can really do is point you to the archives!




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