An Open Letter to Video Game Developers and Producers in 2017


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Dear Game Makers and Studio Executives,

I love how eager you are to release your new games to us. Heck, we’re excited to play them! I can’t wait to see games like the Final Fantasy XII remake, Horizon Zero Dawn, or Mass Effect Andromeda.

However, when I say, “I can’t wait,” I’m not being literal.

The truth is this: we gamers will wait for a finished game.

I was quite eager to play Final Fantasy XV, but some new info slammed my excitement into the wall. Not bad reviews (quite the opposite), not all the extras that seem to say “do all this before playing,” but the fact that after ten years of development, the game is not done.

Not. Done.

Final Fantasy XV recently released its first story DLC. The most disturbing word in that sentence? “First.” They’re planning on releasing more story DLC.

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One thought on “An Open Letter to Video Game Developers and Producers in 2017

  1. Yes, yes, yes to all of this. But unfortunately, until a majority of us talk with our wallets, this isn’t going to change. They know gamers want the “full story” from their games, and they’ve found a great way to get us to drop $60 on an unfinished game, and then cough up another $30+ for all the DLCs…

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