Uncharted is overrated, and what? Pt. 3



One down, three to go! That’s right, I finally finished Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune from the Nathan Drake Collection. I say ‘finally’ as if the game was a drag, which it felt like in parts but it didn’t take all that long in reality. I managed to finish the whole thing on hard in just over 6 hours. Although many may see that as a bad thing, for me, I’m happy with that. I suppose that you can forgive the game being so short because, as part of the Uncharted: Nathan Drake Collection, you’ve got three titles to play. The thought of buying this game for £40 though, on it’s own in 2007, is a frightening one. Me though? I just wanted to get it over and done with as quickly as possible.

In my last post, I gave this game a rather torrid time. I slated pretty much everything the game has to offer bar the performances of voice actors. That remained true for the most part of the game if I’m being honest, without Nolan North’s performance as Nate dragging me through all that ailed me, I’m not sure if I could have stomached it.

Although the combat was naff and the climbing rather uninspiring, I found myself getting into it during the later stages of the game. The improved weaponry was a god-send, if I had to put up any longer using that blasted AK-47 I would have had a mental breakdown. The M4 and SAS shotgun were much more to my tastes and they seemed to get the job done a lot more efficiently that everything before them. Don’t get me wrong, the gameplay still felt outdated and downright abysmal, but at least now these sequences weren’t as much of a jaunt to get through. Except for that goddamn jet-ski mission… again!

The game managed to keep me invested and the Hollywood-esque story wasn’t too bad, but I wouldn’t say that I enjoyed the game as a whole.

Regardless, it’s done now, and I’m swiftly moving onto the next one: Uncharted 2: Among Thieves. Which I fully expect to be leagues apart from it’s predecessor. Let’s face it, there’s not much it can do to be worse.

The best thing about the original game was it’s storyline and characters. I keep harping on about it, I know; but they’re literally the only positives I can think of. These cinematic moments were the key incentive in pushing forward through wave after tedious wave of enemies. The main issue for me was that these cinematic scenes were few and far between. Uncharted 2: Among Thieves is a completely different matter. I’d say that I’ve actually watched more than I’ve played and that’s a good thing. It sounds so strange saying this as a gamer, but I’d actually rather watch Nate’s misfortunes than play them out in the game.

Someone once described the Uncharted series to me as a ‘playable blockbuster’, and it wasn’t until the final 30 minutes of Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune that I found myself agreeing with that statement. The end boss fight was less of a gaming boss battle and more of a scripted Hollywood “save the world, get the girl” kinda ending; which I preferred!

This ‘Hollywood blockbuster’ thought stuck with me as I booted Uncharted 2: Among Thieves up, as this game carried on pretty much right where I left off; certainly in terms of cinematic excitement. From the get-go, you’re in a rather intense train wreck, you do a little bit of climbing and then are treated to a 5 minute cinematic flashback. Then there’s a bit more climbing and stumbling around and then you watch another flashback. Then after a little bit more groaning and rolling around, you play your part in a flashback mission. It’s seemed to set the standard of the game right away. It’s already far, far better.

The combat and cover system seems to be the same regurgitated piece of shite from the last one, but if the game manages to keep me entertained through decent storytelling and continuous quips from Nate, I think I might just get through it.

Again, there’s still a long way to go so watch this space!


Thoughts on the series so far…

It’s okay. I can see where people are coming from when they say it’s such a great series, but it’s still massively overrated in my eyes and there’s a long way to go before I see that opinion changing…


6 thoughts on “Uncharted is overrated, and what? Pt. 3

  1. Imtiaz Ahmed

    i only played the first title, but agree, i felt it was pretty over rated. I wasn’t too impressed by the game play. Story wise, it was good, it was spectacular. It did feel hollywood like, as i felt like it was inspired by Indiana Jones type stuff, but it felt like an ok hollywood film, not something i’d watch again.

    I felt the first game dragged on a bit too long to. I’ll probably still play the 2nd and 3rd to see what all the fuss is about, but i’m not going in with super high expectations like people lead me to for the first one


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