Weekend Run-Through Ep. 15

Episode 15 – “Watch the thrust!”

Weekend Warm-Up!

I’ve made a vow to make Horizon Zero Dawn my very first PS4 platinum. Having said that, I’ve actually already got a platinum trophy linked with my PSN account and that was for Resistance: Burning Skies on the PS Vita. Hey, I’m pretty new to the whole PlayStation thing so don’t scoff at me like that! As much as I enjoy trophy hunting, I’m certainly not obsessed with getting them all. Sure, the nice round 100% figure looks lovely, but it’s not something I’d tend to strive for unless it was for a game I’m truly in love with… which is certainly the case with Horizon Zero Dawn. Although I’m relatively new to the PlayStation side of things, I’ve very much been an achievement whore in the past on my Xbox, there’s many a game on there I’ve gotten 1000G on. The one I’m most ashamed of? Avatar: The Last Airbender – The Burning Earth of course… 1000G in less than 2 minutes? It’s so cringe-worthy.

There was a young lad at my school, back in the day, that would ‘rent’ this game out for a couple of quid. It was one of the strangest business ideas I’ve ever witnessed but hey, if there’s a market for it, fair play for exploiting it. We’re not talking hundreds of pounds here, but from a game that cost him £15 at the time, he certainly covered the costs and made around £25 profit.

What a loser, eh? Well, that loser was me. I managed to pick up the game of the year edition of The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion from my earnings, so from where I’m standing I was cerainly a winner.

Any-who, kicking metal ass and climbing conveniently scalable cliffs on Horizon Zero Dawn was how I spent my weekday evenings… again.



More of the same I’m hoping for. I streamed a fair bit of Horizon Zero Dawn throughout the week and pulled of some awesome kills. I killed a Stormbird, a Thunderjaw and a Rockbreaker all without taking a single hit. They weren’t all at the same time I admit, but even so, that’s no easy feat! Caught on camera for the whole world to see too… the ‘whole world’ being precisely 0 people. Yup, my streams have been rather lonely this past week and after around 5 hours of streamed content, I never got a single viewer.

Just me, Aloy and the tumbleweed.

The good thing is that it couldn’t get worse. I’m a glass half-full kinda guy!

Regardless, I’m going to stick with it and keep streaming.



Well, streaming didn’t happen. I was far too preoccupied with other things, and as such Horizon Zero Dawn missed out too.

However, something magical has happened. Let me paint the picture for you:

I spontaneously popped around a friend’s house on Friday evening, we ate pizza, drank beer and played split screen co-op (the best kind of night’s in, in my opinion!). We played the hell out of Rainbow Six: Vegas 2 and whilst we dined on our large pizzas from Dominoes (Yep, plural ’s’; you read that right), we watched YouTube clips. Nothing too specific: game trailers, gameplay, walk-throughs, funny moments etc. All kinds of trash to just have on in the background whilst we gorged ourselves. I can’t quite recall but we were laughing over some god-awful video about No Man’s Sky. Stemming from this, I showed my friend Elite: Dangerous which is similar in concept but a bazillion times better in execution.

If you’ve not played it, or even heard of it, you basically take control of your own starship in a representation of the Milky-way galaxy. You start with literally nothing but a small starship and a few credits, and you need to do whatever it takes to live long and prosper. I’d argue that it’s more of a space simulator than a game as it can be rather serious and hard to get into, but it’s incredibly satisfying.

Eventually, we stumbled upon DP Sayre’s videos. Again, if you’re unaware, this is the guy that discovered alien life on the game 3 years after it’s release. It’s a great story and he received a fair amount of publicity from it. Here’s a video of all the clips he shot combined into one:

My friend loved the look of it that much, he bought the deluxe edition from the Xbox Store right then and there. It was on sale and only set him back £26 which I thought wasn’t too bad. I’ve been looking at it myself for a while, but never committed to buying it because of the sheer size of my backlog. Now though, I had the chance to play and experience it for myself. It turns out that I’m a wicked salesman!

So we played it for a few hours before I departed and it was great, “I’ll buy it” I said.

Saturday arrived… and then swiftly went. I was out for the day so I couldn’t have chance to progress further with Horizon Zero Dawn or anything else for that matter.

Sunday then, the final day of rest. Once I’d got myself showered and sorted, I thought I’d jump onto my Xbox and have a quick go on Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered with my friends and maybe take a look as Elite: Dangerous again. I didnt have long as I had to nip around my parents’, so I didnt want to get into Horizon. Well, as I booted my Xbox up, I received a notification:


Wh-what? H-h-how?

For some bizarre reason, I now own Elite: Dangerous and I haven’t spent a penny for it. I loaded it up, launched my ship and there I was, flying through the cosmos with the deluxe edition. I’ve got the season pass, the DLC.. everything! What luck!

I’ve tried to suss out whats happened, and the best I can come up with is that whilst my friend entered his payment details and bought the game, I was also logged in with my account. I’ve checked my emails and account history and he certainly didn’t enter his details using my account. He can still play the game at the same time as I can. So it doesn’t seem to be linked with one particular user. We both have the deluxe edition and we have both been playing on it since Friday without any errors.

I’m just going to put it down to some bug on Xbox’s side, but neither of us are complaining. Well, maybe he is as it’s cost him £26 and me nothing! I’ll give him £10 or something, to help sweeten him up. We haven’t flown around together yet, but I’m really excited to give that a go.

Proud as Punch!

I mean, getting anything for free can make your day but a video game? That’s amazing.



Weekend Wrap-up

Despite steering clear of Elite: Dangerous for so long, it’s now in my library. What becomes of my backlog is yet to be decided but this really has thrown a spanner into the works. How can I focus on anything else when i’m subconsciously mapping out trade routes and planning ship enhancements!?

I’ve had a thought for another project though: ‘The Commander’s Logs’. Elite: Dangerous is one big simulation, you’re dropped into a world with literally no guidance and it’s up to you to make ends meet. You can be anything you want to be, so I might document certain goings on and write about them in the future, maybe even throw in a little fan-fiction too.

What do you guys think?


4 thoughts on “Weekend Run-Through Ep. 15

    • I’d recommend getting the Shadow Sharpshot bow as soon as possible! It can use Tearblast arrows and they make short work of everything. They don’t do any damage, but they tear weapons and armour off enemies with ease. All the Stormbird had was it’s beak to attack with, which was easy enough to roll away from.


      • I’m loving the tearblast arrows but can’t seem to get enough echo shells to have a consistent supply… I think I might need to get the scavenger perk next and see if that helps.

        In fact, it’s time for some more Horizon now, I think!

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