Weekend Run-Through Ep. 14

Episode 14 – Happy Easter!

Over the Easter weekend, I’ve been rather busy. So much so that I never had chance to write the first part of my Weekend Run-Through, so I’ll be doing things a little differently this week. I’ll just get straight down to business and let you all know what mischief I managed to get up to without the bulk (I’m not even sure if you guys appreciate that stuff anyway!). So, let’s start with Good Friday.

Good Friday was ‘good’…

I hunkered down inside my war-room (I seem to call it something different every week, Man-cave, Cesspit, Grunge-hole… nothing pleasant-sounding I’ll admit) and played as much Horizon Zero Dawn as possible. I’ve got so many other games to crack on with, but I don’t want to rush my gaming experience. As an RPG-type action game, I tend to take my time and wander through quests in a similar way to how I probably do through life: slowly, methodically and efficiently. So by rushing through things just so I can finish up and play another game isn’t something I really want to be doing.

So there I was, drooling over the outstanding beauty this game offers for most of the day. Actually, to be fair, I’ve been rather productive with my time and I got quite a lot done. The satisfying storyline seems to be climaxing and it’s getting better and better with each loosed arrow.

Best of all, I managed to stumble upon each of the game’s Power Cells by pure chance. There are only 5 of them and they’re not really that well hidden, but I managed to find them all the first time of asking throughout the story. Which fortunately for me means I now have access to the game’s most powerful armour with, what I can only assume, the toughest part of the game yet to complete. Happy Days!

…Saturday was not.

Alas, all good things come to an end, and I had a fair amount of jobs to finish off. Gaming was the sacrifice this time around so I didn’t get a sniff at shooting robot dinosaurs in the face. Thank God it’s a long weekend off work!

Sunday was a ‘fun-day’!

My partner was out for the evening with some of her girlfriends, so there was only one thing for it…


Yeah, as lame as it sounds (and it really is lame), I still love shouting commands at my Xbox One. I’ll admit that it’s an awful gimmick that I use rather often. I use the “XBOX RECORD THAT!” command regularly which can be helpful, especially during the heat of battle. That’s about it though, hardly worth the additional £100 or however much Kinect 2.0 sensors are nowadays. My console came with one during the first few weeks they were available, so I couldn’t really refuse having one. Regardless, it still gets some use.

…Anyway, I’ve got sidetracked. I spent my Saturday evening playing Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered with my buddies. We had a swell time together playing Search & Destroy, which in all honesty was strange for me. I’ve never been much of a ‘Search’ kinda guy, as I much prefer game types that allow respawns. It is Call Of Duty after all, it’s a game where you can throw caution to the wind and just dive straight into battle head first. Personally, I’d choose a more tactical game like Counter Strike or Rainbow Six: Siege to fill the hardcore needs that Search & Destroy apparently provides, they’re much more focused and in-depth. Of course, my friends don’t have either of these so I have to be willing to throw my opinions and standards to one side. You know, grit one’s teeth and soldier on through. I’m happy to do this though, I love it when the squad is online together and like I said, we had fun and that’s always the most important thing.

Monday felt like Sunday

With it being the bank-holiday weekend, Monday was always going to be a lazy day; a ‘write-off’ so to speak. You could argue that the antics from the night before continued and, in a way, they did. I didn’t go to bed on Sunday, I continued playing Call Of Duty well into the early hours of Monday morning. Actually, it wasn’t that early at all, in fact it was rather late on Monday now that I think about it. I must have rolled into bed at around 04:30ish, by which time my girlfriend had already come home and gone to bed herself.

By the time we both rose from our deathbeds (how very fitting), it was around lunch time. So we went out into the city and grabbed something to eat. If video games have taught me anything, it’s how to romance a lovely lady. I owe so much to Commander Shepard, Geralt and Carl Johnson from over the years.


How about a ‘Red Room Of Game’?

We’re both rather active, so once she popped down to the gym, my Modern Warfare session continued. I levelled up a fair bit, unlocked the odd attachment here and there and generally had an alright time. Deep down, this game is still the game I fell in love with all those years ago, it’s just got a weird plastic nose now and has had a whole load of Botox.

That’s about it. Nothing of too much interest I’m sure, but I’ll be damned if I miss a week’s episode of my beloved Run-Throughs!

So, did you manage to keep track of your days? Did you benefit from the extra time for gaming, or were you unfortunate enough to land a bank holiday shift at work?

Also, to the nearest ounce, how much chocolate have you consumed over the past few days? I hope you kept your controllers/keyboards clean!


2 thoughts on “Weekend Run-Through Ep. 14

  1. Thesis… thesis everywhere… But I re-started Andromeda with a new character to see the beginning with the 1.05 patch (still haven’t finished the first playthrough, so bad on me). So that was fun! haha

    I also appreciate that you say you are both active, and then give an example of your girlfriend going to the gym and you sitting down and playing a video game 🙂 Being a hero is exhausting!

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