‘Sniip3dYoMomm4’ left the game


Playing Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered has brought back plenty of memories over the past fortnight. I’ve somewhat rekindled a love that I thought was lost, for a franchise that is loathed in abundance.

I’ve rolled up my sleeve, strapped up my arm and injected one hell of a nostalgia-fueled hit!

I’m still on my high, and there’s no sign of a comedown just yet so I’m just going to relax, let my eyes roll to the back of my skull and enjoy the moment.

The best thing? And I mean the best thing that provides the greatest amount of satisfaction, is the ability to troll people. Inadvertently I must add; I’m not that kind of guy. I’ve been getting so much flack my way from other players and I’ve been called every name under the sun… It’s hilarious!

My torrent of abuse has been taken rather well. The comments are largely derogatory to me, my family and are usually moronic. The vast majority of messages have left me totally dumbfounded!

I’ve been challenged to numerous 1V1 games by people I’ve managed to kill consecutively. You know, those little feuds you tend to get in with one specific player? They tend to invite you to chat as well. Sadly, I’ve never replied to any of these obnoxious requests.

I actually love the attention. It makes me chuckle that by just playing well, opposing players can get so agitated. Anyway, it reminded my of a previous post of mine and this seemed like the opportune time to reblog it.

Try not to smile…


“Nope, my mother has absolutely no recollection of an apparent steamy night of passion with [insert generic username here]. Leading on from this, as you’re only 12 years old, I find it hard to believe that you’re my real dad.”

I seriously love a good troll as much as the next guy or gal. I love the way gamers can get under each others skins just by playing an online video game and repeatedly getting the better of them, over and over until they crack with the desire to hurl a torrent of misspelt abuse at you. That ‘…has left the game‘ notification is such a sweet sight as well!

I relish the abuse that sore losers and sometimes poor winners can often dish out. Does anyone else create little vendetta’s against opposing players in certain games? First Person Shooters are the worst for me, if I get killed by…

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