COD: Modern Warfare Remastered | 10-hour thoughts


I know, I know! You’re sick to death of hearing me ramble on about Call Of Duty and I promise I’ll stop, right after this.

I’ve slurped through 10 hours of gameplay on this game like it was nothing, honestly it’s barely touched the sides. Modern Warfare Remastered feels like an awkward game to talk about; am I just reviewing the 2007 classic, or this newly remastered version that feels almost identical in every single way. Actually, I’ll run with the latter. This post is under the assumption that you’ve played the original, which I’d imagine is the case for 99.9% of the gaming community. So, I suppose I’ll jump straight in head first and try to make sense of it all.

Lets start with the good, eh? It’s a Call Of Duty game, so the controls are great and everything feels smooth and effortless; just as we’ve come to expect with the series. The game is back to it’s roots and at it’s simplistic best. There’s no ridiculous movement mechanics that force you to run along walls or use a jetpack, so there’s a big tick in that requirement box. It feel’s so much better knowing that you can just focus on shooting and basic movements than having to faff around double jumping into the air whilst throwing a stun grenade and then finish with a 360 no-scope. As such, the pacing of the game is drastically reduced and games feel more tense. Search & Destroy games are exactly how I remember them from 2007, which is great.


This game is basically the largest nostalgia trip money can buy. Forget childhood games consoles; your SNES’s and Nintendo 64’s, this is where you should go to relive cherished memories. The gameplay is just as you remember it. Even 9 years on, I can still recall every single nook and cranny in the game.

There’s a few new additions, and helpful ones at that. You can now test guns out in a firing range straight from the ‘Create A Class’ menu without the need to load anything. This is rather handy if you’re thinking of being ballsy and equipping an ACOG to your M249 SAW as it will soon force you to take it off again. There’s also an added feature of playing with bots in private matches, which is nice if you’re playing some splitscreen action.

Obviously multiplayer is the huge selling point for this game, but the single player campaign isn’t too shabby either. It’s exactly the same as the original just with prettier graphics. That’s about it really. Seriously, the music, the voice acting, the enemy AI… all that’s changed is that the background scenery has had a slight touch up, the textures have been updated to a mid 2012 standard and the sound effects have had a slight revamp. Nothing much to talk about here really. Ohh, and there’s a few more trophies/achievements thrown in as well.


One of the most memorable FPS missions of the past decade

Now, onto the niggles.

Honestly, the game hasn’t impressed me as much as I had expected. The graphics don’t blow me away, especially comparing them to todays standard. Out of every Call Of Duty game available on the Xbox One and PS4, I’d say this is the worst in terms of beauty. Even 2013’s Call Of Duty: Ghosts boasts nicer visuals and that game is around 4 years older. Don’t get me wrong, looking back on the original game from 2007, it’s a huge improvement but I thought it would be better. Perhaps it’s just my nostalgia goggles playing tricks on me, but I actually had to google comparisons just to see the differences because to me, it looked exactly how I remembered it.


Next up is pretty much a given: micro transactions. They’re back with a vengeance after their ‘successes’ in Black Ops III. Seriously guys, come on! Why pump your money into this thing? Thankfully, it’s not as forced as it once was as you can still get the unlockable weapons if you put the hours in, not like on Black Ops III where it was all a big gamble. It’s still there though, which grinds my gears. Thankfully, Activision have done away with dabbing, dancing, and garish outfits. So it’s not all bad. The game has different characters and outfits but all suit the game. The most obscene one I’ve seen is a guy with a big beard, which isn’t obscene at all. The camouflages are realistic too, but there’s still plenty of time to incorporate clown outfits and Halloween masks.


I mentioned a few times that the game plays pretty much exactly how it used to, and it does. It’s perfectly paced, the maps are great and the weapons are varied but all good enough in their own ways and as such, every one of them is used. The bad thing isn’t what’s stayed the same, it’s what’s changed. The community. The largest gripe I have with this game is with the people who play it. Now I know how moronic that may sound, but other than the aforementioned micro-transactions, the slight GUI changes and the graphical update, there’s very little that’s changed. Camping has been round since the dawn of time, but it’s gotten really bad over the years and Modern Warfare Remastered is plagued with it. It’s never been as prominent in a Call Of Duty game as it seem’s to be now, I’ve always prided myself on my rush tactics. So when I get shot by someone whose lay down up some obscure alleyway, it tends to grind on me. Loads of people seem to just hunker own and keep the sights aimed at a doorway and it’s so infuriating. To be fair, it’s no fault of the developer/publisher, but it’s something you really need to consider if you’re pondering getting a copy or not.


So that’s it, Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered is a fantastic nod to the original and has kept every single feature that helped it achieve so much in those early days. It’s beautifully paced, the gameplay hasn’t changed and it looks so much prettier. With that, Activision have incorporated their much despised micro-transactions but they aren’t quite as forced as they are in other games.

All in all, it’s worth having. It’s just a shame it’s been used to fudge the Infinite Warfare stats, that game is a mess.

So, I’m at the nether regions of my theoretical beverage. The ice at the bottom is starting to tingle my sensitive teeth, I’ve finished my drink but for whatever reason, I can’t stop sucking… wait, that doesn’t sound right.


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