Fall Of Duty: Money Back Ops II


Hold up! Nope, go back!

Scratch that last post (as in forget it, but make sure you read it first!), I’ve cancelled my order! I’ve had a sudden change of heart and don’t want to be part of this system that gamers have come accustomed to.

I’ve had it, I say! I’ve had it!


In, out. In, out. Shake it all about.

I’ve managed to cancel my Call Of Duty: Infinite Warfare Legacy Edition order just before it was posted and I’ve had a full refund. I’ve done this primarily because I’m indecisive, especially when it comes to games. In my excitement to receive the game, I was reading up about Modern Warfare‘s features on the net. Lets just say I fell upon something that tipped the scales back the wrong way.

In all honesty, it’s a number of things that when I accumulated them all up into one, I was forced to put an end to it. I just couldn’t bring myself to throw more money into a series that I now loathe.

When Modern Warfare Remastered was announced, I was led to believe that all of the maps would be available. Of course, when the game eventually arrived in November last year, only half of them were. Surprisingly, the additional maps were released later on and free of charge… which isn’t like Activision at all! This isn’t what put me off, as this has been common knowledge for weeks and the extra maps were available back in December. Oh no, this I’m fine with. It’s the Variety map pack that’s really struck a nerve, and it won’t really affect me. It’s the thought of others misfortune that’s naffed me off.

Can we all remember the Variety map pack from the original? Killhouse, Chinatown, Broadcast and Creek? Oh god, they were all so good! It would seem logical that they were put in place here too, right? Well, it was announnced earlier this month that they will be, and it’ll set you back £12 (or $15, depending on where you call home).

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This is of no surprise to me, I never would have expected this to be free. In any other remaster, yeah of course, but in a Call Of Duty game? You’re having a laugh! Just look at Halo: The Master Chief Collection, there are 106 multiplayer maps. One-hundred-and-six! These were all included with the base game, and it’s been great. It’s how a multiplayer remaster should be. The people I feel for the most though in regards to Modern Warfare Remastered, are the players that bought the game at launch for £80 or so, then bought the Infinite Warfare season pass for an extra £40 thinking that the Modern Warfare Remastered map pack would be included in that. That right, it’s not in the season pass. Those of you that want will have to fork out even more money. So in total, those who are the worst off will have spent over £135 on a mediocre game and it’s marketing ploy. You’ve truely been shafted by Activision there.

Oink, Oink you capitalist pigs.

Basically, you’re paying extra for a small remastered expansion to a game that’s a remastered expansion in itself.

When I look back at remastered titles, I think of games like Borderlands: The Handsome Collection, Assassins Creed: The Ezio Collection, Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection, Bioshock: The Collection. Yes, they are have brilliantly original names, but most of all, they have other games included with most of the original DLC too. Most of today’s remastered games aren’t just one game that’s been rebuilt from the ground up, there are two or three games that are included. They’re always relatively cheap too because they’re games we’ve all played already. You can even pick up The Last Of Us: Remastered for about £10 with relative ease, that’s just one game but it’s priced accordingly. At the end of the day, it’s still over 4 years old.

It just winds me up that Activision have used the attraction of Modern Warfare Remastered to boost their Infinite Warfare sales.

It’s such punch in the testicles for people who bought Infinite Warfare’s Season Pass that they need to pay for Modern Warfare Remastered’s DLC. Thankfully, I learnt my lesson about season passes a while ago, I won’t ever make that mistake again.


For crying out loud…!

When I begrudgingly bought the Legacy Edition recently, I was excited. A few of my friends have it and I’ve been feeling a little lonely without them. I was holding out in the hope that Activision would sell Modern Warfare Remastered separately because I’ve got absolutely no interest in Infinite Warfare. I mean, there’s still time but will it actually happen? I highly doubt it. If you want Modern Warfare Remastered, you’re going to have to bite the bullet I’m afraid.

I bought the game on a whim, and I cancelled my order on a whim. I’m grateful to the company I bought it off for having shoddy dispatch times, otherwise it would have already been past the point of no return cancellation. The fact that Activision have screwed their loyal fans once again, the introduction of supply drops and ‘pay-to-win’ mechanics in one of my all-time favourite shooters have all made the decision for me. I don’t want to be giving Activision any more of my hard-earned cash. It’s a drop in the ocean, I know. Not buying this game or the next won’t have any effect on Activision’s profit margins, and it certainly won’t make them change the way they do things; but I’ve got morals, and I think it’s worth sticking to them.

Sadly, I feel like Activision is about to prove that all good things must come to an end. They’ve had a good ride over the last 15 years, but I think it’s time we put this to bed. The early days were great, and I’ve got fond memories of the original on PC, right the way up to the first Black Ops, but enough’s enough now.


Watching Activision roll out each game like…

I know it’s not just me that feels this way, Activision have upset a lot of people recently with their apparent lack of consumer love. Although the Call Of Duty series revolutionised the FPS genre, there are plenty of games out there that you can find peace with and enjoy much, much more.

As far as raw multiplayer action goes in the FPS genre, there is little that can beat the longevity of the Counter-Strike series. It’s been a long-time fan favourite and also has quite a strong competitive eSports community that stems from the original game. It’s fast paced and tense, just like those ‘Search & Destroy’ games you’re used to.


Similar to Counter-Strike, you’ve got Rainbow Six: Siege. It’s a much more refined version of the eSports giant, but slowed down quite considerably. I’d say it’s one of the most satisfying shooters out there. The support that Ubisoft have for this game is second to none and their DLC model is perfect. Everyone receives new maps as soon as they’re released, the new operators are also available to those that don’t have the season pass to buy with in-game currency. If you do fancy picking up a season pass, it’ll set you back around £15. A pittance compared to the £40 average most games run with.


If you’re on Xbox One, Halo 5: Guardians isn’t a bad shout. It’s a long way off the standard set by the earlier games, but still decent enough to sink your teeth into. Back in the day, Call Of Duty 4: Modern Warfare and Halo 3 were my go-to multiplayer titles, so I’ll always have a lot of love for the Halo matchmaking.


If Halo is your thing, then Destiny isn’t a bad shout. It’s created by the same developers as the first few Halo games, Bungie. It’s an MMORPG and a FPS rolled into one and it kinda works. The DLC for it isn’t great, and they share the same business model as the Call Of Duty series, but it is produced by Activision so what do you expect?


The game most Call Of Duty fans would appreciate the most would probably be Titanfall 2. It’s a similar pacing with similar mechanics that just work. It’s similar because it’s made by a company founded by previous Infinity Ward employees. They were largely responsible for the Modern Warfare series, so of course the games are similar. If you’ve never played this or the original, then I suggest you check them out pronto.


Of course, there is Battlefield. EA have swiftly stolen Activision’s FPS crown here, and I can’t see them giving it up anytime soon. Every man and his dog has played a Battlefield game, so there’s no need for me to preach about how good it is.


Finally, I’d suggest Overwatch. It’s quickly become a smash hit, and has a deep cult following. It’s very much squad based, so if you like working as a team then this would be a to of fun. Every hero plays differently, and mastering their abilities is the key to unlocking their potential. For those that do like this kind of game, it is beautifully crafted. The sound and art design and graphics are gorgeous and run at a silky smooth 60 frames per second even when the action is getting hectic. More importantly it plays really well. Blizzard have clearly taken their time balancing the game so that nearly all of the characters are fun to play and serve a purpose. It may seem like quite a light game in terms of content (although new maps and characters will be released for FREE – no DLC nonsense for once). However, once you get into it you realise it actually has a lot of depth. There are so many ways to play out a match and different tactics you can use.


There’s plenty out there to tend to mine and your FPS multiplayer needs in the absence of Call Of Duty, plus I shouldn’t really be expanding my games library right now. My backlog is getting uncontrollable.

Having said that, I’ve just added the Legacy Edition back into my basket… again. It’s Call Of Duty 4 for christ sake! It’s just got this aura that draws me in and I can’t keep it at bay forever, but I’ll damn well try my best! My morals seriously count for sh*t nowadays.

As of 29th March 2017, I haven’t bought it. We’ll see what tomorrow brings.

UPDATE: Well, ‘tomorrow’ went well, it was the day after that scorned me.


6 thoughts on “Fall Of Duty: Money Back Ops II

  1. I believe as consumers, it is our Duty to vote with our wallets. Call it what you will, but I think it’s an act of Warfare the way many large companies have turned to DLC packs in Modern gaming. Props to you for sticking to your guns!

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  2. I agree with Geddy above. Sometimes you really need to hit a company in the wallet to make your voice heard. I hate the type of consumerism that’s enabled the rise of payable extra content, and I don’t think there are enough people who are wiling to *not* purchase it to bring about a change.


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