Flash… ahhh-ahhhhhhhhh!


Oh dear God, no!

No… not now, not like this!

There’s a huge PSN flash sale going on at the moment and my wallet is not prepared in any shape or form.

There are some decent deals, but nothing too far out of the ordinary. In most cases, you can still pick up physical editions of some of the games for even less that the PSN sale price.

What’s caught my eye the most though is the ‘Only On Playstation‘ feature they’ve got going on. I bought my Playstation 4 just over a fortnight ago purely for the exclusives. It might seem silly, and certainly has a touch of overkill about it, but I feel that I’ve been missing out for too long.

Literally all of the best-selling exclusives are here, and I’m really struggling to resist.


So, the question here isn’t ‘if’, but ‘when’ my wallet spontaneously combusts under the strain.

I’m holding off for as long as possible here, but I’ve already succumbed to the pressure. Lying in bed this morning had me browsing the store on my PS Vita. I’ve picked up the Ratchet and Clank Trilogy for a measly £6.99. I loved the originals on my PS2 back in the day, and cant wait to overdose in the nostalgia once they’ve finally finished downloading. There’s actually a few bundles on there that have peaked my interest too, specifically the reminiscent Jak and Daxter Trilogy and the Sly Trilogy. There’s a recurring theme here, isn’t there?

Back to the PS4 games; I think I’ll have to make some executive decisions here, I can’t be buying them all. Especially not when I’ve already got loads of games to play on my PS4 already! However, I think The Last Of Us Remastered is a no-brainer, although I would prefer a physical copy.

I really shouldn’t be adding to my backlog buuutttt… one or two games can’t hurt, can it?

Roll on payday!




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