Weekend Run-Through Ep. 10


Episode 10 – These violent delights have violent ends

“Just like that, as mysteriously as he arrived, he was gone”…

That’s right, the weekend has been and gone. If you blinked, you may have missed it!

In these series of posts, I’ll be documenting all the little goings on that happen to me over those precious couple of days. Religious folk believe they’re rest days, Sunday in particular, but I think we all know that they were really designed for sitting in our pants, playing video games.

I can’t believe this is my 10th rendition of my Weekend Run-Through series. The last time I was this committed was when I was 13 years old, completing GTA: San Andreas in a sole weekend. It took some doing to convince my parents to buy it for me from Tesco a good 10 years ago, thankfully I managed to woo them into submission. Basically, my Mum outright refused, so I went behind her back and asked my Dad. It was great, I was playing them both against each other like something out of House Of Cards. Kevin Spacey would be proud!

So basically, I’m still here and I appreciate you putting up with my antics after all this time. I’m really enjoying clogging up your feed every Monday (or Tuesday if I’ve been lazy). Let’s see how long I can keep it going before I begin to falter.

Weekend Warm-Up!

This week, I’ve been pillaging my shiny new Playstation for everything it’s worth. Horizon Zero Dawn is truly captivating. The post-post-apocalyptic adventure has a firm grip of my scrotum and the ginger-haired heroine has absolutely no signs of letting go… not that I’m complaining.

I’ve broken the 10-hour barrier in the week, so now the nitty-gritty begins. It still manages to surprise me and I’m still astonished with every beautiful frame. Check out my thoughts so far if you missed it.

I also managed to pick up Final Fantasy XV this week too. I’ve had a quick go on it just to whet my appetite. I actually panicked a little bit whilst playing the tutorial. You’re walked through the basics by a cute little dog-like creature called Carbuncle. Like old school RPGs, he doesn’t speak but rather converses through text windows that appear at the bottom of the screen. Despite there being a couple of key characters in the tutorials, there was no voice-acting whatsoever. I thought for a brief moment that all of the talking throughout the entire game was done through text, just like the originals. I don’t know what came over me, or why I thought that for that but thankfully, this isn’t the case.

In my short play through, I managed to bump into the lovely Cindy. As enticing as she is, I honestly cannot see myself dropping Horizon Zero Dawn just yet.


Whilst it seems that Horizon Zero Dawn will continue to dominate my entire being over the weekend, I will endeavour to try to play something else. It’ll be tough, but I think I can manage it.

When I installed Final Fantasy XV on my Playstation, I booted up Metro: Last Light. I picked it up as part of the Redux bundle back in December. Even though I finished Metro: 2033 pretty sharpish, I had totally forgotten all about it’s sequel as I’ve been pretty occupied these past few weeks. Discovering this in my game library was just like finding money in an old coat pocket.

Final Fantasy didn’t take too long to download, so I only managed just under an hour on Metro: Last Light. I’d like to continue playing the both of these over the weekend, but whether my hunger for Horizon Zero Dawn will be sated in time, I’m not too sure.

Time will tell, I’m afraid.




Shock! I spent most of my time playing Horizon Zero Dawn. What can I say? I’m really enjoying the game. To be honest, I haven’t done all that much to progress the story as I had a small set back. Just off the beaten track was a side quest that I thought I’d finish whilst I was near to the waypoint marker. It tasked me with fighting a new enemy called a Rockbreaker. It’s huge and it kills me almost instantly. I tried my luck against this guy (or gal, hey I’m not even sure if robots have genders!) seven or eight times and the best I could muster was taking it down to 50% health. I simply put my failures down to playing on the hardest difficulty so I took a peek online for some tips, eager to best my adversary. It turns out that the issue I had wasn’t the difficulty, although that probably didn’t help the situation, it was that the quest’s level was much higher than my own. I read forum posts of people struggling against it when they were twice the level I am, so in reality I hadn’t got a chance. On my next respawn, I decided to flee the area and continue you with other quests. I’m back to the heavily wooded areas now, picking up some side-quests I never managed to finish just to help with my levelling and skill-point gathering. It actually took three attempts to get away from the Rockbreaker, that’s how tough it was! I can’t wait to go back there in a few hours time to finish what I started, I’ll certainly be better prepared! Like I said, I haven’t done much in terms of story progression as I’ve focussed on building up my levels and learning to ‘override’ other machines.


Even at this range I don’t seem to stand a chance! Cue rock hurling in 3…2…1!

That’s pretty much it; other than the odd game of Fifa 17, I continued on my quest to discover my destiny in the remnants of an ancient past.

Proud as Punch!

This isn’t so much an achievement, but a revelation that could rival man’s discovery of fire. The Playstation 4 has a feature that may have changed the entire complexion of gaming; at least for me. How it’s taken me so long to realise that this was a feature is beyond me. Perhaps it never entered my mind because I thought it was impossible.

I’ve discovered Remote Play for the PS Vita.


My aim isnt quite as polished on the Vita, I think I’ll stick to herb gathering.

If you were as oblivious to this awe-inspiring feature as I was, Remote Play will let you remotely control a PS4 system and stream PS4 gameplay to your PS Vita system over Wi-Fi. You can therefore carry on with your game on the PS Vita, freeing up your television for other uses.

It utilised the touch pad on the back of the device rather well, with the top corners being used as L2 and R2, whilst the bottom are used for L3 and R3. It’s certainly a little fiddly to get used to, but it works rather well.

More importantly, it means I can play Horizon Zero Dawn whilst on the loo.

Weekend Wrap-up

I think we all knew how this weekend would pan out, didn’t we? I’m looking forward to getting stuck into Final Fantasy XV as it looks like it’s got some great character building and storytelling elements in there. Let’s not forget the Mass Effect: Andromeda is out this week too, so who knows what will happen. One things for sure, my productivity levels have been at an all-time low this past month, and that streak looks to continue.

So, how did you fare over the glorious weekend. Are you already on countdown to the next?


2 thoughts on “Weekend Run-Through Ep. 10

  1. Nice game list! Seems like there are more reasons than ever to get a PS4 (especially with Remote Play making it as portable as a Switch, at least while in the house or on wifi).

    I LOVED the Metro games and Last Light was probably my preferred game over the previous. Such a creepy atmosphere and they knocked it out of the park for a sequel.

    Still hoping for FFXV on PC announcement..


    • I played Metro: Last Light on PC, but never played the first one. When the Redux bundle came on sale, it was too good a deal to pass up and I’m looking forward to playing Last Light again now it’s remastered.

      I can’t believe how I never knew about the remote play feature even though I’ve had the Vita since its release! Remote Play came out with Version 3.00 firmware I believe. Handy feature, and certainly a pro for getting a PS4!

      Liked by 1 person

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