My little App-building project


I’m a geek. Plain and simple.

I work in IT, and it’s very much the cliché that i’m into video gaming. Being pretty tech savvy has me tinkering in all sorts of ways, and I’m constantly playing around with my blog settings.

There’s no coding involved (well, not as much as i’m used to) and my WordPress site is certainly easy to maintain but I’m a sucker for messing with things. If you read my posts using the WordPress Reader, you’re missing out big style.

I’m usually quite a modest guy and don’t normally boast, but my blog looks mint. Not meaning to blow my own trumpet of course (although, I really am here…), but it’s the way I intend all of my posts to be viewed. The formatting is right, the images show properly, everything just works. The colours compliment each other perfectly. To be honest, I enjoy designing my pages just as much as I do writing them.

My blog is multi-device-ural, is that a word? It’s designed to be viewed on any device without any discrimination whatsoever. Whether you’re on a PC, a tablet or a mobile device, every page should look beautiful.

So, I thought about getting my site built into an .APK – that’s right! My very own mobile application. If there’s already a mobile site, how hard can it be to transfer that over?

Turns out that it’s not very hard at all.


I haven’t published it on the Google Play store or anything yet, as I’m a tight-arsed cheap skate. I’m reluctant to pay the charges needed to get it out there. The main reasoning is that it isn’t really an app. It hasn’t been built from the ground up, instead it’s just a simple link to my mobile site but looks a little prettier and there isn’t an address bar loitering around at the top of the screen. So it’s hardly worth any investment.

I’ve set this app up basically because I had a free half-hour over a lunch break one day and fancied playing around with something. Once the procrastination started, it was difficult to stop. It isn’t necessarily designed to be used by anyone in particular, it was just a quick project I fancied looking into. I wanted to see if I could make it look pretty, but I mainly wanted to see if it was something that could be done with a minimal amount of effort.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

All I’ll use the application for is testing and viewing my own content. At least that way I won’t be slowing my phone down by having 19 browser tabs open, all linking to

If your interested, you can download my app for Android here! No iPhone or Windows phone support I’m afraid but you could always just add a shortcut to your home screen instead. Either way, make sure you’re reading all of my rants on my site, and not the WordPress reader. That thing just looks hideous.

So yeah, if you have a mobile theme on your WordPress site, it’s easy enough to generate an .APK for it, if you so desire.


12 thoughts on “My little App-building project

  1. Hey hey! Love your site and I only read it on the actual page lol, it looks great and as a web developer myself I know and appreciate the the work that goes into making a site look great on everything.

    I do have a recommendation though.. I’ve done this myself as have some other WordPress blogs that I read, but you can make the WordPress Reader only show a small selection of the article to make readers click into your site.

    I did this because I wanted better statistics on what is actually being read on my site, if you didn’t know about this feature it might be worth checking out 🙂


    • What’s this feature you mention? I make use of the ‘Read more’ tool, but that only seems to effect what shows on my site, and not the reader. So only a short excerpt is shown in my site’s feed and the reader needs to actually open the post to view it all. This helps me tidy up my blog feed and keeps things concise(r).


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