A history of Vita games: PlayStation Vita – A five-year review


I love my PS Vita, it’s true that it’s had a really tough life but this brilliant post sheds loads of light onto the topic. The dark, bleak, distressing topic…


It’s not a post written about the downfall of the PS Vita, because believe me it’s very much alive. This plucky little console has soldiered on since it’s launch with support from AAA devalopers dropping left, right and centre. It’s community of players has remained strong over the years and we’ve seen some fantastic titles cone of way.

Any-who, make yourself a brew, drop into a comfy armchair and read on…


It’s hard to believe that it’s been 5 years since the PlayStation Vita originally released in North America and Europe, yet here we are. Despite the console going through a slightly rocky journey to get to where it is, it has a stacked lineup for 2017 into early 2018 providing plenty of quality content for anyone still gaming on it.

However, the system has gone through a number of different phases to get to this point in its life and it’s these different sources of support that I’m hoping to examine in this article. Despite being a haven for Japanese games since about 2014, Vita had previously been an attempted powerhouse for AAA games as well as a natural choice for independent developers to port their games to; yet these titles have a lesser focus in 2017 and by examining the console’s history I hope to find out why.

2012 – “console quality gaming on…

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