Weekend Run-Through Ep. 04


Episode 04: Grinding On Through!

Just like that, as mysteriously as he arrived, he was gone”…

That’s right, the weekend has been and gone. If you blinked, you may have missed it!

In these series of posts, I’ll be documenting all the little goings on that happen to me over those precious couple of days. Religious folk believe they’re rest days, Sunday in particular, but I think we all know that they were really designed for sitting in our pants, playing video games.

Weekend Warm-Up!

I’ve actually had a slow week, gaming-wise. Everything else has been at full-throttle and I’ve reluctantly had to place my video game needs to one side.

Of course, being the addict I am, I can squeeze a fix in. I managed a late-night game of Horde 3.0 on Gears Of War 4. I’ve never been much of a Horde fan in the previous titles, but I had a great time playing it this time around. Although, I’m pretty confident that was down to the fact I was playing with three others rather than the game mode itself. Our four-man team did surprisingly well before we grew tired (and bored). Playing on ’normal’ difficulty, we got to wave 29 before we all died. after a couple of retries, we called it a day (or should I say night?) at wave 38.

Of course, in Gears Of War, you can start a game of Horde from any round you wish. So, just before we parted ways, we jumped straight to wave 50 and set the difficulty to ‘Insane’. We lasted 52 seconds… well done guys!

I’m still balls-deep into Dying Light and I managed to play a little of this whilst I waited for my chums to get online for our Horde match. Despite the high hour count, the game is still relatively young in terms of storyline progression. To my pleasant surprise, I’ve been whisked off to a new area that I didn’t actually expect. I’ve moved on from ‘The Slums’ to ‘Sector 0’. It’s not the first time that this has happened to me in a game; Something similar recently happened with Middle-earth: Shadow Of Mordor. I was relatively disappointed with the size of the map and it’s content; but then as if by magic, the game opened up to luscious green fields of Núrn and instantly added an additional 10 hours of gameplay that I didn’t anticipate.

Moving the story to this new area has come at a really good time too, as I felt that I was quickly outgrowing the slums of Harran and dangers it presented. I felt that I could easily circumnavigate enemies, win simultaneous fights against multiple enemies with relative ease and the missions had dropped in difficulty. Well… I’m back to being terrified again and far gone from feeling like a god-like character that could do as he pleased. In Sector 0, there are a hell of a lot more viral infected. These are the guys that remind me of the World War Z zombies; they’re quick, strong and dodge your attacks frequently. I’d only been in the new area a mere 5 minutes before 6 or 7 of them were chasing me. I can handle two of these, but any more than that and I often end up dying. The new area is much more of a city, it’s built higher and the rooftops are more dangerous than those back in the slums. Having said that, they’re still a hell of a lot safer than on the ground. That’s how all the viral’s came to pursue me, I fell to the floor and made quite the racket doing so.

It’s safe to say that this game had effectively become a game of ‘The Floor Is Lava’, in that touching the ground brings about a slow, painful death. That’s a good thing!


I’ve got a couple of preconceived plans. First thing Saturday morning I have to drop my car off at the garage. Sounds boring, right? Well yeah, it is. However, I’ve got to be up early and drop it off around 08:00, this means that once I’m home I can game throughout the morning. Most Saturdays have me waking up around 11:00 at the very earliest, which kills of my productivity. This weekend though, I’ll be up and raring to go.

Again, I need to get Dying Light out of the way. It’s holding me up. I’m really enjoying playing it and now that I’m in new part of the game it can only get better.

I’m booked in with a friend to get some of the Gears Of War 4 campaign done. That’s how bad it’s got, we’re all growing up so quickly that we actually have to arrange a time to play games. Huge 18-hour gaming sessions and lack of responsibilities are a thing of the past. Man, I hate being an adult.




I know you were really worried for me, but don’t fret. There was nothing wrong with my car, I’ve just got some free services built into my finance package.

My plans with my friend were executed perfectly. Surprisingly, we were both online at the right time and jumped straight into the Gears campaign. Me being me, I pumped the difficulty up to ‘Insane’. That’s how I play all my games; I’ll always do it on the hardest difficulty available. Why? I could say it’s for the feeling of beating a game this way, but I’d be lying. It’s for the achievements/trophies. Obviously. My companion was a little less impressed. He wasn’t all that good and kept dying… over and over… and over… and over… and over. Which is strange, because he’s certainly the better player than I am on multiplayer. Anyway, he managed to reduce his difficulty to ‘Hardcore’, whilst mine remains on ‘Insane’. It has made things a lot easier for both of us. When I die, the game ends and we have to restart, when he dies, I can revive him. We will see how long we can go before he demands I lower my difficulty so we don’t have to keep restarting the checkpoint. So far so good though.

We tackled a few chapters together, but we will have to reconvene to finish it off.


Squish his head, I’ll cover you!

Dying Light seems to be my goto game at the moment for when there’s nobody online to tackle multiplayer games with. Of course, having the morning to myself presented the perfect opportunity to get some hours in. This game doesn’t end. It literally goes on forever, which I have to keep reiterating to myself is a good thing! Too often games are finished within 10 hours and quickly grow stale. I’ve got ‘The Following‘ expansion to start as well! Naturally, I got a few hours in on this in the newly unlocked area, it was mainly me being constantly chased by Viral’s but enjoyable nonetheless.

My Sunday was mainly taken up by writing. I got carried away with myself and went on a trademark rant about DLC and Season Passes. I’m not myself when I ramble, so God only knows what drivel I came out with. The likelihood of it making much sense is incredibly low as well. Check it out, it’s just me having a good ol’ fashioned bitch and a moan.

Proud as Punch!

Ermm… keeping my sanity after writing about DLC? I’ve got very little to be proud of this week, which is a real bummer.

I could make something up of course, but I can’t lie. It’s just been a steady weekend without any ‘WOW!‘ moments.

Note to self – try harder.

Weekend Wrap-up

It’s been a frosty one this weekend over in Middle-England. I’m from the Midlands, but referring to it as Middle-England helps to give the illusion that I’m in a J.R.R. Tolkien story, which is nerdily-cool. Anyway, it’s been clear, yet cold and that’s enough of a reason to stay indoors. I’ve had gallons upon gallons of hot tea and kept myself warm through the radiation of my television. Dying Light certainly kept me on my toes, I did that much running around that I actually got out of breath in real-life! I suffered from cramp in my right index finger from constantly bashing that right-bumper on the controller, but what is that in comparison to surviving a zombie outbreak?

Gears Of War 4 was fun, I’m looking forward to kicking in this week and seeing how far I can get in the campaign. Let’s just hope my partner-in-crime can make space for me in his diary.

Holy crap! I’ve just realised that I never started Metro: Last Light! That’s the best one too! I’ll certainly have to boot that up at some point this week. I’ve played it before, but never got around to finishing it, so I bought the Metro: Redux collection just before Christmas for the price of a coffee. I’ll have to put some time aside for this one.


So the backlog continues.

My weekend has been a slow one in terms of what I’ve been upto. It’s been more of a grind than anything else, cracking on with story-lines without much deviation. Enjoyable, but not an awful lot to write about. Sorry guys!

So, how did you fare over the glorious weekend. Are you already on countdown to the next?


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