Hey, Cortana..? 


Here’s one of my first posts, and I still recommend doing this to any Xbox One owner. Whether you use a microphone or the Kinect to scream your commands, the original “Xbox…” commands work much better for recording clips and screenshots.

After all, as Kincade said to 007 in Skyfall… “Sometimes the old ways are the best“.


Back in July, Microsoft replaced the Xbox voice commands with the Cortana assistant. As much as I love the Halo series, I’m not a Cortana fan. The actual in-game AI, yes. This god-awful Siri clone, no.

It’s supposedly more powerful and you can do more with it, but it’s just nowhere near as responsive as the old voice commands.

The reasoning behind Cortana’s sluggishness isn’t because the Flood’s Gravemind has made away with her. Cortana’s “Hey Cortana…” commands take so long to process because everything you say is sent across the internet, made sense of on Microsoft’s servers and a response is sent back to your Xbox. The original “Xbox…” commands, however, are processed locally on your Xbox, so the waiting time is minimal.

Obviously, you need this if you asking questions or verbally searching for content. Cortana needs a few moments to understand what you actually said and to…

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