Video-game Wallpapers


There’s no denying that video game art can be pretty cool. From concept art to fan-made images, there’s plenty of stuff out there to make you drool.

That’s why I’m a firm believer that video games often make for the best desktop backgrounds. Whether that be on your phone, your PC or even your console, having a decent background can really get you into the mood to game.

This is a bit of a short, nonsensical post here, but if you’re into your computer wallpapers and putting your own gaming stamp on things… read on.

My issue, is that I’m incredibly indecisive. I’ll fall madly in love with a background, only to then change it a week later to something else. Who can blame me, when there is so much out there?

I’ve had plenty of Darksider’s wallpapers in my time, the gothic themes just seem to suit me down to a tee. Recently however, I’ve gone for something a little different. Modern day operating systems – I’m talking Windows 10 and Mac OS – allow you to have multiple desktops. Which is great for multitasking and work productivity, but even better for my OCD needs. I like each desktop to have a different background but it must be the same. Confused? Let me explain.

I tweeted about it actually. I’m currently running with a Xenoblade wallpaper setup.

You see, I like things matching. The same, yet different. The subtlety of the sky’s colour alteration changes the image drastically, yet at the heart, they’re all the same image.

I like to follow themes too, so before these four, I had a Lego Star Wars theme. Not necessarily video game related, but certainly a little more obscure whilst retaining it’s nerdiness. Of course, these aren’t identical like the Xenoblade wallpapers, but they continue in keeping with a theme. Each include Lego Stormtrooper figurines.

As I mentioned, I’m pretty indecisive. Hence there being eight backgrounds here… I liked to mix things up rather frequently.

I’ve also used in-game scenery in the past. Can you guess what game its from?

Here are some of my previous wallpapers, before I started having more than one desktop and incorporating similar images to make themes…

If you like anything that you see, clicking on the image should hopefully open it so you can download it yourself; same with the images above. I’d love to give credit to the original artists/editors, but in all honesty I can find them.

This isnt a full list, Christ… I’d probably bring down the WordPress servers with the amount I’d be uploading. These were just the ones I had on my hard drive at the time of writing. I mean, I’m missing all my Lord Of The Rings: Battle For Middle Earth wallpapers!

For the time being, I’m happy with my Xenoblade combination. Next week though? Who knows?

Do you obsess about your desktop backgrounds in the same way I do? Or are you quite happy to just leave them as default? Wheres the fin in that though? Wheres the personalisation?


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