RPG Commitment Crisis!


I came so close to finally buying Final Fantasy XV last night. Eventually, I managed to convince myself against getting it.

I’m juggling loads of games at the minute and ideally, I could do with finishing a few of them off before I plow all of my time, effort and love into a game that I’m confident will consume me. I want to be able to play it straight, with nothing interrupting our little love affair.

So beforehand, I’ve got to get some things done.

It’s hard to focus on these though when my mind wanders as easily as a child’s, gazing out of a classroom window. I continue to get sidetracked, as I mentioned here, in this previous post of mine.

It’s not just RPGs though. Even the more linear games have me exploring random corners of level design. I don’t even know what I’m looking for myself, to be honest. Collectables? Easter eggs? Hugh value items? No, none of this goes through my mind, I just think “Oohh! What’s down here?“.

One of the hardest decisions I make in games, are those when I’m asked to pick a route. The high route or the low route? If at all possible, I’ll always try to double back on myself and do both.

I know… weird.


Role Playing Games (RPGs) take up a lot of time, this isn’t something new. Single-player games such as the likes of The Witcher, Elder Scrolls, Dragon Age, Diablo, Mass Effect, Final Fantasy, Fallout and even the Pokemon series’ can keep you going for days, if not weeks. I’m not talking about MMORPGs here, that’ll keep me rambling for an eternity! I’m just chatting about solo games for now.

In the wake of Final Fantasy XV’s release, I thought I’d have a think about the other RPG-type games that I’ve played over the years. Played, and played a lot, but rarely finished. Sadly, a fate that may well be shared with FF15, here.

I know it deserves more respect than that, but hear me out!

Nowadays, the average single-player campaign/story length in your run-of-the-millgame is around 10 hours at the most. So why on…

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