Old Games Are Still Good Games.

Why would anyone play an old game?

There’s no argument here, I already feel like I’m wasting my time writing this.  I’ve never once thought “I’m not playing that game as a newer one is out”. What an absurd thought process.


Last week, I was speaking to one of my closest friends. I was explaining to him the I’d bought Gears Of War 4 and, as he’s a huge fan of the series, I was trying to convince him to get it himself. He’s a tight-arse, which explains why he’d hadn’t already picked it up but I thought I could twist his arm into buying it. As part of my argument, I’ve told him that as well as the full Gears Of War 4 game, you get every previous Gears Of War game bundled with it. I spoke about this briefly in a previous post. I’m talking Gears 1, 2, 3 and Judgement.


That’s 5 games for the price of 1!” I violently screamed at him.

His response baffled me. He instinctively replied without batting an eye, “Why would anyone want them? They’re old”.



Even now, I’m lost for words. I won the argument that swiftly followed, but I’m confident that he only agreed that he was in the wrong just to shut me up. Either way, it got me thinking. Are other people this way inclined?

I’m going to confess something now, I was born in 1994. I know what your thinking, and I totally agree; I’ve missed out on some of the best times the game industry has had. I’ve missed out on huge classics from the late 80’s to early 00’s. I’ve missed a lot of good things but it hasn’t stopped me from going out of my way to experience these delights. My Dad had a Sega Genesis/Mega Drive that I vaguely remember playing, but my first true console experiences came from the Playstation. My Playstation and Gameboy Color were the only consoles I owned until late-2001, when Santa brought me a PS2. But despite not owning a ‘proper’ Nintendo console in my youth, I still loved going around my friend’s house and playing on GoldenEye 007.


He’s in the bathroom!

From my early teens, I’ve been acutely aware that there was more to gaming than just playing what is current. I knew that there were games out there, that despite being more than a few years old still deserved my time. As I’ve grown older, I’ve gone back to titles that I’ve missed, regardless of age. My biggest example is that I first played The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time when I was 19 years old. This game was released way back in 1998 and although it’s widely considered one of the best games ever made, I first got my hands on it a staggering 15 years later – in 2013 – and I quickly understood what all of the fuss was about.

I just don’t understand the logic behind this age-discrimination lark. Do people turn their noses up to The Shawshank Redemption because it’s 22 years old? Do people refuse to watch The Godfather because it’s almost half a century old? Of course not, they’re fantastic films that will live on forever. So people refusing to play a game because it’s a little aged seems idiotic to me. They really are missing out on some great titles! Even if said games are actually older than the player…


Do old graphics put players off previous games? Because to me, Lara looks mighty fine whichever way you look at her.

It’s not just games that are decades and decades old either. Me and my friend are talking about Gears Of War; a video-game saga that’s been one of the most successful in the past 10 years. He won’t play most of the originals as he’s already finished them, and the nostalgia of playing them again doesn’t interest him. Which is fair enough, I suppose. However, he hasn’t played Judgement; and even though it’s a prequel/origin story that doesn’t really relate to Gear Of War 4, I can’t believe he’s never going to play it because it’s “old”. Gears of War: Judgement was released in 2013 and is just over 3 years of age. No, it’s not a classic but would you completely write it off just because a newer game in the series is out? My buddy’s answer was a resounding “Yes“. What about Dishonored 2? Would you be happy to jump straight to the sequel if you haven’t played the first? Bearing in mind that the original Dishonored has a remastered version available on current consoles. “Yup“. Yeah, you read that right, he’s totally skipped it and jumped straight into the sequel whilst having no desire whatsoever to play the preceding title. I know that I shouldn’t judge people on what they play, how they play or when they play, but it’s just so strange to me. People are entitled to do whatever they want but because the latest game in the series is out, there’s apparently no point to try the first one? I just find it weird.


I’ve always been taught to respect my elders.

Despite their age and their rough, pointy graphics there’s still plenty of fun to be had delving into the past. The gameplay is still solid (usually), and gripping storylines are not restricted to modern-day games either. I remember the likes of Max Payne and Xenogears fondly in terms of storytelling and from what I remember, Hideo Kojima did a decent job with Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons Of Liberty‘s ambitious script. If you’ve missed out on some of the more recent story-driven heavy-hitters, such as The Last Of Us, Spec Ops: The Line, Alan Wake, the Mass Effect trilogy, or Bioshock to name a few… would you avoid them simply because they’ve got a few wrinkles on their skin? But whhhyyyyyyy!?!?
It’s safe to say, I theoretically curb-stomped my friend during our little spat.

I’ve had a little bit of a ramble here, I know, but now that we’re playing on 8th Generation consoles, would you refuse to go back and play something on say, a 6th or 7th Generation system? What about a classic on a 5th Generation Nintendo 64? Please tell me I’m not going mad! If you are like my friend who prefers to stay ‘up-to-date’ with his gaming collection instead of playing decent games that he’s missed, I hope I’ve managed to sway you into the other direction!


10 thoughts on “Old Games Are Still Good Games.

  1. I haven’t had this discussion before, but I have had to defend the idea of replaying games to others. The rebuttals I heard were those of “Who has time to replay games?” and “Why would you want to play something you’ve already beaten?”

    I think both fall under the same umbrella of perspective though. I don’t understand their view about replaying games because I enjoy replaying games. I don’t understand people not wanting to play old games because games are games to me, plain and simple. Likewise, those that are focused on the here-and-now have a tendency to not enjoy re-experiencing a game or stepping into an aged title.

    I suppose the key is to recognize the other’s opinion, and respect it. Where I tend to find issue with others in regards to what I said above is when people make the leap of logic that the other person is wrong because there isn’t agreement. Then again, that’s really true for just about any opinion.

    Me personally though, I love going back and playing old games. I still boot up Half-Life, Mass Effect, Deus Ex, Super Mario World, and (if I could find my damn GameCube controller) Star Wars: Rogue Squadron II. I also love going back and playing the ones that I never got a chance to when I was younger, much like you with Ocarina of Time. Age is never an issue with me when it comes to gaming.

    Unless my PC just isn’t compatible with the game in the first place…

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    • Spot on! After getting redeeming all of the Gears Of War game codes that came with Gears 4, I forgot how good 1 and 2’s campaign were. I had a constant niggling thought that whilst playing on them that I could be playing something else, something I’d yet to start or even finish, and be a more productive with my time. But on the other hand, I had an absolute ball!

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  2. Anonymous

    Old games are great, and I don’t get how or why some gamers these days just automatically look past them because of their age. It boggles my mind.

    Almost as much as that gif you posted. I can’t look away. Dear god it’s pulling me int-

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  3. Loved this article! I’ve run into this argument as well. I’m a bit older than you (born in the early 80s), and this sort of thing came up especially around the time of games going into 3D.

    I think some gamers see games as technical products first and foremost, and from their point of view, why play an older, slower, less advanced game when they could have the most graphically impressive titles.

    But they miss the point – great gameplay stands the test of time!

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  4. It’s tough to complete all the new games that come out so I can understand why someone with limited time would be hesitant about playing older stuff. Some titles haven’t stood the test of time or are difficult, which can put off some younger players.


  5. The only problem I’ve ever had with playing old games is how some of them look on newer tech. For example, a few months ago, my husband began playing Windwaker on our old Gamecube for our daughter to watch. And the standard graphics on our HD TV were a little…hard to watch. But he played Luigi’s Mansion before that and it seemed just find. Perhaps it depends on the game…and despite that, we still played it! And with games from the Sega Genesis/SNES age, that’s not even a factor. They are artfully done in such a timeless way that I never once look at Sonic 2 and say “man, I wish the graphics were updated.”
    Old games are good games in my book. Great article!

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