You’re making me TWITCH!


I’ve done it. I’ve finally done it. I’ve only gone and set myself up an account on Twitch. I know, it’s only taken me 5-or-so years but I’ve eventually arrived at the party.

Check out my channel here. As of right now, it’s pretty empty. Hopefully, if I can keep hold of the willpower then you’ll start to see broadcasts populate my profile.

Here’s my current setup. This is my little slice of heaven that I call ‘The Man-Cave‘… featuring the laundry basket of course. Hey, it was the only way I could pitch it to my partner without her completely kicking off. Anyway, she’s got the rest of the house. All I’m missing is a mini fridge. It’s awesome for 4-player splitscreen and FIFA parties with my friends, hopefully it’ll do the trick for streaming.

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Yup, next stop internet stardom!… not really.

I’ve been a frequent user of Twitch for sometime. Quietly lurking in the shadows without an account, anonymously watching gamers stream their favourite titles. I’m afraid the time had come for me to change my ways. No longer will I watch on in envy. No longer will I snigger at poor multiplayer performances. No longer will I cringe at the embarrassing suck-up comments. This is not a rallying cry. This is a warning.


No seriously though and all joking aside, I’m looking at streaming whenever possible. Time is going to be a huge constraint for me as I never seem to get a minute free nowadays. But whenever I get some time to myself, I’m looking forward to kicking back, chillin’ out, maxin’ all cool and shooting some footage outside o’ school!… Actually, that’s what I’ll do. Instead of re-watching The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air on Netflix, I’ll stream my gaming sessions.


For the time being, I’ll simply be streaming through my Xbox One and Kinect. Depending on how it goes, I’ll no doubt end up streaming from my PC too. I’m not all that interested in having fancy graphics floating around the screen, cheesy music or anything like that. I just want to focus on playing. I’m thinking of doing stripped down sessions too. Just the gameplay, no camera, none of my ramblings, just video gaming at it’s purest. For me, Twitch is a great way to showcase a game. If I’m interested in buying a game, I’ll often jump onto Twitch and check someone’s stream out and see how it actually plays. None of the scripted gameplay you see in trailers, or the little snippets during YouTube reviews. Surely I’m not alone in my way of thinking, so I’m hoping stripped down streams could be a success. Even if only one person enjoys it, that’s me fulfilling my aim.

Regardless, we’ll have to see what happens.

I could do with a little help though. Does anyone have any experience of doing this kind of thing? Any tips you can offer? Sharing is caring after all.


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