New Year, Same Me!


Happy New Year!

I hope you’ve had a fabulous Christmas and celebrated the New Year in style. Like many of you, I’ve been super busy over the festive period. Unfortunately, I’ve not had as much time to play video games as I would have liked and even less time to update my blog. I’ve been running around like a spanked passive mob from Minecraft all holiday, with the feeling I’ve single-handedly burnt a hole in the Earth’s ozone layer, what with all the driving I’ve had to do. I managed to book a few days off work to help fit things in, but family comes first. As much as I’d have loved to have locked the door, drew the curtains and slapped my headphones on; I’ve had to do the rounds and visit as many people as possible.

It sounds boring as hell, and I kid you not, it often was. At least my Pokemon GO account has managed to flourish. Me and my girlfriend love walking and we went on quite a few short walks during our time off work together. I don’t mean wandering around Skyrim either, we had to leave the house (… *sigh*… I know, actual exercise!). According to Pokemon GO – which I can’t really vouch for in terms of accuracy – we did around 30km and I managed to hatch loads of eggs. All life is sacred and all, but everything that I hatched was trash. Pointless stuff that was instantly transferred to Professor Willow in anger, much like a puppy is ditched at the side of the road a few weeks after the New Year. I got a few Weedles from my 2km’s, a duplicate Lapras from a 10km and from my 5km eggs, I had common-as-muck stuff that I’d already evolved. Absolute rubbish.


These graphics are awesome! What type of dog is that?

As well as the countryside walks and the family shindigs, there’s been an awful lot of football on the telly, proper football I might add, not this padded nonsense where you barely use your feet. Christmas is always a wonderful time to be a football fan in the UK; there’s literally a game on each day, sometimes two or three. Although in the past, it’s often been a bad time to be a Stoke City supporter. Yep, my betrothed team seems to melt away come December (pardon the pun) and this year has been no different. Out of the 6 games we’ve had in December, only one of them delivered Christmas cheer in the form of a win. We usually tend to kick in during January, so there are no major concerns.

However, I’m not here to talk about countryside walks and I’m not here to talk about Stoke City throwing away 2-goal leads. I’m here to talk about what really matters. In-between the trips to relative’s houses and social outings with friends, and despite those football-binging sessions and romancing my sweetheart, I actually managed to get a few hours to myself. As we all know, digital sales are now as much a Christmas tradition as Boxing Day sales are in retail stores. Steam, PSN, Xbox Live and the like all offer decent discounts on various titles, and the majority of my free time was spent browsing the catalogs, scavenging for bargains and boy, did I find some! In the run up to Christmas, I bagged myself Metro Redux for a measly £4 and Firewatch for £9.99. Post Christmas Day, I ordered Gears Of War 4 for £18 and spent £14 on Dying Light: The Following Enhanced Edition, both from Amazon. I almost bought Doom too; I didn’t and I somewhat regret it now. I’ll just have to keep an eye out for when it drops in price again. Don’t get me wrong, I can still find it rather cheaply online, but not quite as cheap as I saw it on New Years Eve. I had to take it out of my basket to free up some funds for the evening. I’ve got plenty of gaming to be cracking on with anyway.

Regardless of losing out on Doom, I don’t think you can argue with any of those games, especially for what they’ve cost. I mean, Metro Redux for starters is a bundle of two remastered games. Arguably the greatest narrative-driven FPS games ever made for essentially £2 each. Even if you did play the originals, how can you resist that? I certainly didn’t and snapped it up. I’ve just finished Metro 2033 in 16 hours and in my opinion, 16 hours for £2 is pretty good value for money and there are still a few chapters I want to revisit. Speaking of bundled games, Gears Of War 4 comes with every previous Gears Of War title. Gears 1 through to 4 and the spinoff origin story Gears Of War Judgement. These come in the form of redeemable codes and whether or not I’ll play them remains to be seen. I played the hell out of the first two games, only got halfway through the third and never touched Judgement so we’ll have to see what happens on that front, but again, five critically acclaimed games for £18 is still a steal as well.



Both Gears Of War 4 and Dying Light have yet to arrive in the mail, which leaves me to crack on with Metro Last Light and Firewatch – neither of which I’ve started yet – rather nicely. I’ve managed to squeeze in a few games on Battlefield 1 over the festive period too, participating in the annual Noob-Harvest in which my Kill/Death ratio and Score Per Minute stats have soared to airy heights; I’ve just got to maintain it now throughout the rest of the year.

My plan for the remainder of January (and February at this rate) is to get stuck into the aforementioned games and sip every last drop of fun out of them. I’ve still got my eyes on Final Fantasy XV but I think that will hold its value much more than anything available right now. I’ll just have to clench my teeth and buy it, I feel. Not that I’ll regret doing so as at the current pace I’m playing games right now, it will likely tie me over until next Christmas! As I’ve said before, I get lost in open world RPG’s. To be fair, I expected Santa to leave it under the tree for me so I barely even looked for it in the sales, it must have fallen out of his sack.

Other than those few games on Battlefield 1, the majority of my free time was plowed into the dark Russian metro stations of Metro 2033. Oh, and of course… I watched Rogue One at the cinema. Twice. It’s so good.

How have you fared over the holidays? Did you slay many noobs in online multiplayer? Or, like me, have you missed out on potentially huge gaming sessions?


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