Festive (Double) Jumpers at the ready!


Christmas is a time for giving and sharing. It’s also a time for peace, and for caring. Most of all, it is a time for gaming! I mean, who wants to spend their well-earned time off with distant relatives? Lock yourself away, ignore the family and warm yourself up with the love that only a video game can give you.

Around the December period, games developers like to deliver a little festive cheer in the form of add-ons, DLC and updates. Sometimes, these are actually free to download/play and is just a simple way of saying “thank you” for supporting them over the course of the year, it is a time for giving after all. Occasionally, this content can cost you as some developers try monetise every little thing, but that is the capitalist world we live in. To be fair, I avoid these like the plague. Yes, a Santa outfit is very fitting now, but it’s a little out-of-place come January/February and certainly isn’t worth £1.99! Seriously though, who’s buying these things? As it’s the season of giving, this isn’t very Christmassy at all.

If you’re not quite into the Christmas spirit yet, let’s see if some of our favourite festive games, themes and missions can help persuade you otherwise.

…actually, I’ve got way too many presents to wrap. I haven’t got the time to type all of this up. So instead of having me tell you things you likely already know, you can tell me! I’ll make it into some kind of quiz thingy-ma-bob. I’ll throw up some screenshots and images, see if you can name what game it is from. It’ll range from Christmas levels all the way to seasonal outfits and festive mini games. Broaden your mind, there are some content-updates from this year, as well as levels and easter eggs from past years. There might even be some fully fledged Christmas-themed games here too.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

So? Could you name them all? They’re all pretty mainstream to be fair, but at the end of the day, it’s only a bit of basic trivia. A little bit of festive-fun!

What are your plans over the Christmas period? Hopefully you’ll all put aside some time to get some gaming in, so what games will keep you busy until the New Year or what are you hoping Santa will bring for you? I don’t think his sack is large enough for all the titles I’m hoping for! Let me know in the comments, I’d love to hear from you.

Have a lovely Christmas, and a happy New Year!


2 thoughts on “Festive (Double) Jumpers at the ready!

    • All the games that feature are…

      Animal Crossing
      Ape Escape 2
      Banjo & Kazooie
      Batman Arkham Origins
      Batman Returns
      Bully / Canis Canem Edit
      Dead Rising 4
      Duke Nukem 3D
      Fallout 4
      Forza Horison 3: Blizzard Mountain
      GTA Online
      Hitman: Blood Money
      Home Alone
      Call Of Duty: Infinite Warfare
      Kingdom Hearts
      Pokémon GO
      Rainbow Six: Siege
      Rocket League
      Saints Row IV
      Splinter Cell: Blacklist
      Street Fighter V
      The Sims 4
      World Of Warcraft

      Not in that order of course… Surely you can match them all up now?


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