Console Wars: Attack Of The Trolls


A short time ago, on a webpage not too difficult to find…

Ah, the war of the console. We see it all the time, everyone’s expert opinion plastered all over the internet. Those sad little whiners who have nothing better to do with their time than to hurl abuse at another console user. I’d much rather get stuck into a decent game than participate in one of these altercations (the backlog is only getting bigger!), but I thoroughly enjoy reading them! These losers come out in their droves it seems and there are usually three types of commenter on these posts; whether they’re on Facebook, Twitter, in the dark depths of Reddit or in the comments section of YouTube:

*There’s a whole lot of generalising here, don’t take it to heart!*

You’ve got the Xbox fanboys and fangirls that hate Playstation,…

The Playstation lovers that despise Xbox,…

And then the PC gamers who don’t get much flak their way, but enjoy stirring the pot regardless. Often in the most patronising of ways. Everyone knows that PC’s have the potential for much high specification and games will always look much more beautiful when the settings are set to ‘MAX’ or ‘ULTRA’.


This is still one of my favourite memes on the net!

People like to squabble over graphics, controllers, internal hardware, server hackings… it’s all meaningless in the grand scheme of things! All gaming systems do the same thing, and they all do it well. They all ruin our productivity, an hour can quickly turn into 10 hours. All have online capabilities, we get to play with both our friends and out enemies from the comfort of our gaming chairs. We have access to media content such as Youtube and Netflix on them too. We can watch movies, listen to music and even order pizza through them! They’re now just as much entertainment systems as they are video game consoles.

Having said all that, console exclusive titles are the key catalysts in this ongoing feud. It’s often awkward to counter-argue too, as it’s always a matter of personal opinion on what series is better. Xbox have the likes of Halo, Forza, Gears Of War, Crackdown and, since the 3rd offering, Dead Rising. Whereas Playstation have series such as Uncharted, The Last Of Us, Killzone, Ratchet & Clank, and the more recent The Last Guardian. In this current moment, you cannot argue that Playstation have the superior titles arriving exclusively for PS4 (especially with the announcements of Death Stranding, God Of War, Days Gone and the Crash Bandicoot remake) but in the past it has been Xbox that have led the way. I think it swings in roundabouts, and given Sony’s success this year and readiness for next year, Microsoft will no-doubt up their game for the years to follow.

PC gamers only really miss out on the PS4 exclusives nowadays, games that are released on Xbox are usually shipped in Windows format too. I mean, they’re both Microsoft products so it does makes sense. It’s a decent business plan from Microsoft and the new ‘Cross Play’ features they have been introducing into the later games are rather interesting. Certain multiplayer games offer cross play, which enables people on Xbox One to play with people on PCs and vice versa. I know what you’re thinking, “What about the sensitivity, speed and accuracy that a PC mouse has over a console controller?” Well, some games that offer cross play let you turn it off; check the game’s settings if you want to play only with people using the same device that you’re using. A related feature is Xbox Play Anywhere; which, when you own a game, gives you a choice of where to play, Xbox or Windows. Not all Play Anywhere games offer cross play: A game’s editions might be specific to either Xbox or PC, even when that game lets you play with people using the other version. The Play Anywhere feature is somewhat pointless for me personally. My PC and Xbox are in the same room and as I can’t be bothered to move my PC a few metres; I’d rather play a triple-A title on a larger TV screen than on my average size monitors. Perhaps in the future, I’ll find a use for this. As I mentioned, some decent business ideas from Microsoft but I’m sure we’d all rather abolish console exclusives instead, right?

Obviously the best solution is to own one of each console, clutter your living room with wires and run up that electricity bill. Of course, cost is the key reason why we don’t all do this. This is usually the reason why PC gaming is often overlooked too. Why spend £600 on a shiny new graphics card when you could spend half of that and get a dedicated console that doesn’t fall over when you update the operating system? I’m looking at you, Windows 10! Forced my hand into buying a new GPU, didn’t you? But you knew what you were doing! Deciding which console to get can be tough too, do you go with the better available titles? Upcoming titles? Past experiences? I decided in the end to get an Xbox One over the PS4 purely down to the fact my friends were going to get one. That’s all. No other reason. I’ve got no beef with Sony. I’ve owned Playstation’s all my life, from the original 1994 masterpiece all the way to PS3. I also had an Xbox and an Xbox 360. I certainly don’t prefer one over the other and I’d like to get a PS4 as soon as I’m able to. It’s tough to justify though, I mean, do I really need to have a decent PC setup, an Xbox One AND and Playstation4? Head says “No”, heart say’s “Yes”. Wallet says “No”, but Nathan Drake seductively says “Yes”.

Forget my desires though; it’s mind boggling to me that this dispute is still happening. Especially in a time that our world leaders continually produce war, poverty, collusion, corruption, ruin our environment and threaten every aspect of our health. The world is already divided and segregated, but we add to this with another petty argument? It’s downright bizarre! People get so worked up hating on each other that you forget what really matters. The games, the stories they tell and the memories they create. So unclench that fist, and think about Ghandi mate. Remember Ghandi!


I thought that history taught us Ghandi was a peaceful being?

I don’t mean to get all sentimental and mushy, but at the end of the day, we’re all gamers; each and everyone of us. Some of us prefer different games, some of us prefer different platforms. What’s wrong with that? The world we live in is a diverse one, more and more each day we’re learning to live with and accept other people’s differences. Now it’s the gamers time to unite!

Kudos to you if you got the Enter Shikari reference, by the way. I just couldn’t resist dropping that in there!

So are you a lover or a fighter? Feel free to sate your trolling hunger in the comments below.


3 thoughts on “Console Wars: Attack Of The Trolls

  1. I did my fair share of hating before, but I’ve come around. I play on PC, PS4, and Xbox One currently, though the Xbox gets the most time. I love many of the PlayStation’s games, though I’m not a fan of the standard fare that they offer from Japanese studios. Nintendo hasn’t gotten much love from me because they didn’t make that good of a case for themselves with the Wii, WiiU, and Switch (at least so far).

    I really just wish that people would spend more of their time just playing games instead of trying to eviscerate each other online over which box is better.

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